who profits from solar? - solar panel street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-03
who profits from solar?  -  solar panel street light
Editor: I hope you can help me and my neighbors.
Maybe some media attention will help people understand what happened.
My family and I live in West Amwell, perhaps the most beautiful place in the state.
We have a planning committee that is considering an application that could change our lifestyle and destroy the value of our property.
We have a plan to build a solar panel power plant across the street from our house.
They plan to squeeze more than 6,500 solar panels onto nine acres of land, unprecedented in the state.
With panels coming to shelf systems, transformers, inverters and noise levels over 75 dB.
This is unacceptable.
We spent more than half a million dollars living in this house and did not escape from the state. -
Like most of our family and friends.
How will we sell this house, and the atrocity outside our front door, coupled with our shameless property tax, means that we will not be able to sell this house.
I have children and pets, and there is no research to prove the long-term impact on our health.
According to the solar energy regulations of the township government, the solar energy device is not the approved use of the site.
Solar applicants are looking for differences, and it seems that the Planning Committee will give them what they want.
I'd like to know who made a profit from this proposal.
Of course, it's not families that choose to live in healthy, safe and quiet places.
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