white house knew solyndra was in trouble, emails indicate - all in one integrated solar street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-05
white house knew solyndra was in trouble, emails indicate  -  all in one integrated solar street light
The latest disclosure of a $535 million federal loan to solar energy-
The panel maker Solyndra (2009) and its subsequent bankruptcy in 2011 are now focusing on what and when the White House knows: "E. -
The headline of the New York Times headline reads: "The email reveals the White House's early concerns about Solindra. "com this hour.
"Donors, officials warned Obama not to visit Solindra after receiving financial warnings," the Washington Post said. com.
The Wall Street Journal wrote: "Emails show that the White House has turned a deaf ear to Solyndra's concerns. "
Today's story goes like this: Democrats on the House Energy and Commerce Committee today released a 7. -
What they call the page memo "There are differences within the government about the feasibility of Solyndra throughout the process and the effectiveness of the loan guarantee scheme. [But]
According to these documents, the decisions relating to Solyndra were made on the merits of the case after intense debate and in recognition of the risks involved.
"Republicans doubt this view.
The Twitter page of the Republican National Committee published a series of messages about email leaks. -
And the White House needs to answer more questions about why the loan was made.
But President Barack Obama's Democratic colleagues say the emails show that, mainly, White House officials have raised concerns about Solindra's viability. -
A DOE official wrote that DOE officials assured them that the company was "okay in the medium term, but needed some help in the future. "
In the end, Democrats say, these emails show that even if Solyndra fails, the government still needs support.
"The fact is, if[President Obama]
During the next 10 months, I visited 10 such places, and some of them might be stomachs. -
As of Election Day 2012, "wrote Ron Klein, then Vice President Biden's chief of staff.
"But for me, that's the reality that we want to help promote cutting-edge new economic industries.
But these letters also show some officials and others'concerns about Solyndra's financial situation, whether the president should be seen as supporting the company, and whether it deserves help from the federal government.
Before the President's visit to the company's California plant in May 2010, the committee's memorandum showed that:-
A management official wrote about Solindra: "I hope we won't default until then. "--
Another OMB official wrote: "I am increasingly concerned that this visit may embarrass the government in the near future, suppose 1)
The news we just heard from the Department of Energy today is that Solyndra has postponed its initial public offering at least until the end of this year, and 2)
What auditors said about Solyndra's spending the year in the absence of new funds. "--
Steve Westley, a fundraiser for Obama, "Based on an audit report on the company, is it a good idea for the president to visit Solindra? "Mr.
Westley wrote: "Some of us worry that the president is visiting Solindra. . . . [T]
This is an increasingly concerned company because their auditors, Cooper and LeBland, have sent out "going concern" letters. . . .
Many of us believe that the company's cost structure will make it difficult for them to survive in the long run. '"Mr.
Westley (continued)[
In an e-mail to Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama's adviser
Can you confirm with the Department of Energy whether they are satisfied with the company?
I just want to help protect the President from any possible negative or unfair news.
If it's too late to change/postpone the meeting, the president should be cautious about unrealistic/optimistic predictions that could bother Solindra in the next 18 months if he hits a wall, fils for bankruptcy, etc. ' "--
Brad Jones of Redpoint Ventures, an investment company, invests in Solyndra. -
Lawrence Summers, Obama's economic adviser, said, "It's accidental to allocate spending to clean energy. . . .
One of our solar companies earns less than $100 million(
But not yet profitable)
Received $580 million in government loans;
Although it's good for us, I can't imagine it's a good way for the government to use taxpayer funds.
"Updated at 4:30 p. m. m. ET.
Obama has no regrets: in an interview with ABC News / Yahoo News this afternoon, he said, "20/20 after the event" and that the Solindra loan "went through a regular review process and people thought it was a good choice.
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