what the masdar deal means for suntech - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-20
what the masdar deal means for suntech  -  solar panel traffic lights
Suntech, a Chinese solar panel maker, announced this week that it will join thin-
Film solar company number one solar company provided half of the top 10 megawatts of electricity for the city of Madar
Carbon communities are being developed in Abu Dhabi.
Although some reports suggest that Madar had just "Broken Ground" at the 10 MW plant, I saw it a few days ago and I can prove that the work was nearing completion.
Workers installing the Enviromena Power system are currently installing the first solar panel;
The Suntech part looks complete.
The builder said it was at 70%.
But with the bottom of the solar photovoltaic industry falling, the relatively insignificant five megawatts (
This is the largest project in the Middle East at the moment, but I am here to speak on Suntech's productive capacity)
It is not enough to excite the company's supporters.
What is needed is some assurance that Suntech will survive the recession and become one of the stronger players in the industry.
Judging from the comments of some of the leaders of Madar, their project may also provide such assurance.
You see, 10mw is just the beginning of a horse dar.
Before planning more, honchos wanted to complete the testing of 41 solar systems that they were running elsewhere on site.
The test aims to eliminate people who are not performing well and push the best solar panels to the forefront.
American trend NewsS.
The drone shot down 2019 NBA Draft rookie police and killed the women's World Cup. Prior to the completion of the test, Suntech/First Solar Project has started, but comments from the lead tester indicate that early data from the solar field is used to select the silicon panels used in the 10mw field.
Suntech must have done well.
It must also be comparable in price to other options;
According to a project leader, the total price of the 10 MW project is lower than estimated at 0. 185 billion dirhams, or about $50 million.
This low price may be partly because the first solar panel is cheap and partly because of the price of the photovoltaic panel (
In this case, this means Suntech)are dropping.
Of course, lower prices are bad for profit margins, but on the other hand, it should help others decide to invest in solar energy during the downturn.
In the end, Ma dar has given more signs.
Abu Dhabi, which will be on the Abu Dhabi border, said it will build 1,500 MW of solar energy by 2020.
In this amount, there will be 240 MW in and around Madar.
Ground installation will tend to thin film, but photovoltaic will dominate on the roof.
This is good news because the initial architectural design suggests that the entire development process will be based on solar cells.
Five megawatts may be the first batch.
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