what are the sources of renewable energy? are all the different sources eco-friendly? - solar street light project

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-03
what are the sources of renewable energy? are all the different sources eco-friendly?  -  solar street light project
Renewable energy is also known as alternative energy because it focuses on generating electricity from natural resources.
The term "renewable energy" came into being because most energy sources can be "supplemented".
These natural resources include: hydroelectric power and solar energy are two of the most popular renewable energy sources.
16% of the world's electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants.
The remaining 3% comes from other new renewable sources of energy.
Wind farms are becoming more and more popular. Wind power is growing at a rate of 30% per year.
At present, the installed capacity of wind power in the world is 198 GW.
Brazil is the leading country in renewable energy production every year.
Developing countries such as India, China and Brazil have a huge range and potential for renewable energy because they still have a large proportion of the population living in villages, where small solar or wind projects are easy to meet their electricity needs.
The growth of renewable energy efficiency has become an hour's need.
We cannot always rely on petroleum products and derivatives to meet our energy needs.
These resources will one day be exhausted, and some of them are on the verge of extinction.
The world's population has surged, putting unbearable pressure on our limited energy resources.
One of the best solutions to avoid the energy crisis is to switch to renewable energy.
Hydraulic power generation is not coal-fired power generation, but clean, will not cause harmful gas emissions.
Similarly, solar energy can be used to drive cars. (
Indirectly, charging the grid through solar and wind power)
And street lights.
Even in the corporate sector, renewable energy can be used to reduce dependence on non-energy sources. -
Renewable energy.
Recently, global warming has indeed forced governments and industries around the world to adopt renewable energy measures to check their gas emissions and carbon footprints.
Biofuels are another renewable energy source, which can reduce pollution and fuel consumption costs.
The ethanol fuel program has revolutionized the car markets in Brazil and the United States.
Many countries are using the E10 model to reduce gasoline consumption in automobiles.
New and emerging renewable energy technologies are still under development, including marine energy, cellulosic ethanol and heat. -dry-
Rock geothermal power generation.
Many other technologies are developing and may be comparable to other renewable energy technologies.
Renewable energy technology market continues to grow.
Concerns about climate change, rising oil prices, changing industrial models and increasing government support are driving ever-increasing legislation, incentives and commercialization of renewable energy worldwide.
The scope and growth of renewable energy is not limited to one country or continent, but almost every country is doing its best to promote renewable energy.
Are Renewable Energy Environmentally Friendly-Friendly?
Although renewable energy has broad potential as a new energy source, there are still concerns about whether this approach is truly environmentally sound.
Some experts say that although renewable energy is mostly "natural", there are still doubts about the way it is extracted and ultimately whether the process is beneficial to the environment.
There are also issues of consistency and longevity, since most energy or renewable energy sources are based on unpredictable natural forces.
The "unpredictable factors" have led others to doubt whether renewable energy can sustain a very wide range of energy needs and really meet future research findings on alternative energy sources.
The use of renewable energy also has some shortcomings.
At present, the capital cost of converting renewable energy equipment, such as solar, wind and tidal energy, is very high, but in the long run, as Gore said, compared with traditional energy, future production costs will become insignificant.
Another major drawback is that it is difficult to generate the same amount of electricity as conventional fossil fuel generators.
However, if renewable energy is produced in a unified way, collective production will far exceed traditional production.
Few experts believe that the installation of wind power and hydropower stations will interfere with the natural wind flow and rivers in the region.
As you can see, renewable energy is a very interesting topic, because there are still many discoveries to be announced, and there are some constraints that may hinder this rapid development. -growing trend.
If used properly and efficiently, renewable energy can solve the energy crisis, which is imminent.
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