walking on sunshine: the pavements that generate solar ... - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-17
walking on sunshine: the pavements that generate solar ...  -  solar energy traffic lights
The organizers of Qatar's 2022 World Cup support Scotland-
There will be projects for fans to walk in the sun.
The international team, led by the University of Glasgow Caledonian, is building sidewalks that collect energy from the sun.
There's a Scot in a lab in Glasgow.
The headquarters team has been eligible for 2022 of Qatar.
In front of lecturer Dr. Azmy Gowaid, three solar tiles are placed.
He played a few switches.
A row of light bulbs is shining, and a group of fans are spinning busy.
So little motivation. than-
The bright sunshine was found from the window of the laboratory.
Solar panels are nothing new, but these tiles are designed to lock hundreds of tiles together to form a solar sidewalk.
They are coated with tough epoxy that creates wear and sliding
The proof ends in a series of colors.
But why look for solar energy under people's feet?
Dr Gowaid says the spread of solar energy means there will be less space on the roof.
At the same time, cities are becoming more and more intensive as demand for electricity increases.
So he took renewable energy to the streets.
The idea was awarded by the Qatar Organizing Committee 2022.
They support the PVTopia project to create a prototype with the aim of presenting the complete solar pavement during the tournament.
Dr. Gowaid said this will not only power a few fans and bulbs.
"With some mechanical and electrical skills, we can allow people to walk safely while delivering energy to nearby buildings," he said . ".
"Because it is located on the sidewalk, you can get the system into the street lighting or transportation system.
"Dr. Gowaid led a team that included electrical and mechanical engineers and business experts from the University of kaledonian in Glasgow, Alexandria University in Egypt and Texas a & M University in Qatar.
Because of the innovative cooling system, tile making is simple and can handle the high temperature of the bay, he said.
There's more to their ecology.
More friendly than the solar energy they produce.
They are made of recycled materials and can be expected at 20-year lifespan.
The project is one of the many projects awarded by the Qatar championship top delivery and heritage committee challenge 22 project.
Fatma Al Nuaimi, its creator, said that it is not only about the tournament itself, but also about delivering a meaningful legacy.
"It is for this reason that we have established heritage projects --
"Support entrepreneurs, innovators and scientists like Dr. Gao Weide," she said . "
"What the PVTopia team is doing is incredible and we can't wait to see everything in the World Cup.
"The first pilot Road is expected to be laid in Glasgow next year.
The scale of the tournament was launched.
After that, Dr. Gowaid expects the system to be available in public squares, schools and university campuses.
The tiles are hard.
They must survive with the same punishment as paving stones.
I was invited to dunk one in a bucket of water.
It appears unscathed.
Again, when I dropped it on the concrete floor.
The final test is underway.
Will it survive in the footsteps of your reporter?
The lights don't even flash.
If the tiles can withstand this pressure, they are likely to withstand any pressure.
Now we only need Scotland to qualify for 2022 of Qatar.
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