walking on sunshine... - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-20
walking on sunshine...  -  solar panel traffic lights
Sandpoint -
Scott Bruso has a vision for the country's path.
He believes in Solar
Electric glass paving materials produced by his company can transform thousands of kilometers of roads into new energy.
His company, Solar Roadways, recently launched its first public facility in a downtown square in a northern Idaho resort town.
14 m² of the hexagon.
The shape of solar panels that people can walk and ride bicycles.
The company is looking into evidence that its patented panels are strong enough and have enough traction to handle motor vehicles, including semi-trailers.
"Our plan is to replace all the asphalt and concrete," Brusaw said . " In the United States, concrete accounts for 124 square kilometers, he noted.
"If you cover it with solar panels, we can produce products that are three times as high as our energy needs.
"Green solar roads are one of the more and more companies that accept renewable energy as the goal in the US is to reduce carbon emissions by 1-
By 2005, the level was third from 2030.
But Doug Hucks says it's the only business to get federal highway research funding to pursue solar panels on the road, part of the Federal Highway Administration's efforts to tackle climate change, A spokesman for the agency in Washington, D. C.
Brussels and his wife, Julie, have found ideas for their Idaho business after watching Gore's movie inconvenient truth and deciding they also want to join the fight against global warming.
They are not the only ones who View roads and sidewalks as potential energy sources.
In 2014, a solar bike lane was built in the Netherlands, and Germany and France announced plans to build a solar bike lane in the future.
Brussels are hoping to build them into mass production.
Solar Road, incorporated in 2006, has received three FHA grants totaling $1.
Funding from national and local economic development agencies.
It also attracted $2 from 50 000 donors.
The crowd is 2 metres on Indiegogo-sourcing site.
Can GLASS really support SEMIS?
The solar road has tested its 12 strengths. 7mm-
Get thick glass by dropping 453g steel ball on it from the height of 2.
4 m, standard test of concrete.
Brussels says the test has been successful so far.
The glass has a traction surface equivalent to asphalt.
He said that during the test, the vehicle was able to park at a specified distance.
In the strength test, the panel can hold 113 398 kg, three times the statutory limit of the semi-trailer.
What does the panel look like?
They are made of tempered glass, weighing about 31 kg and contain lights that can be programmed to guide traffic or alert drivers to problems.
About 78 cm points per hexagon panel-to-point.
The panels contain microprocessor, central control stations and vehicles that allow them to communicate with each other.
They are also easy to replace if damaged.
According to solar roads, the heat generated by solar panels makes the roads snowand ice-
Free to improve driving safety in winter.
Panels are currently available for sidewalks, driveway and parking.
The company is still seeking permission from the federal government to use them on the road. WHAT'S NEXT?
Solar Road hopes to build a manufacturing facility for glass panels at Sandpoint as early as next year.
"We want to reduce the cost to where ordinary homeowners can afford it," Julie Brussels said . ".
Currently, custom work is being done in Brussels, but they expect to do-it-
Your own people buy panels at the hardware store.
Scott Bruso said the next public facilities will be in the rest area of Route 66 Baltimore and Missouri.
Both are the faces of pedestrians.
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