two new planets are discovered - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-14
two new planets are discovered  -  solar traffic light system
The researchers found two planets in the solar system 5,000 light years away, and their structure looks as important as ours.
Planets are similar to Jupiter and Saturn, but smaller than Saturn, and their relative sizes are similar.
In addition, they surround the stars at a distance proportional to the distance between Jupiter and Saturn from the sun.
"This is the first time we have discovered Jupiter --
Like Saturn's planets in the same system, "said Scott Gaudi, the project's chief researcher and Ohio State University.
"Now there is reason to believe that there may be more solar systems like it.
"The findings, published today in the online edition of the journal Science, provide support for long-standing research
Many astronomers believe that many planets orbit their stars in a way similar to the solar system.
So far, of the more than 260 planets found, most have a much closer distance around the sun than theoretically, and the planets are larger than expected.
This is likely to be the result of technologies used to search for planets that are most helpful in finding large planets near orbit, Gaudi said.
His team used a different approach, called gravity microlenses, that needed to work with astronomers from all over the world.
Using this technology, when two planets orbit through a distant star, the two planets are discovered, as seen from Earth. For a two-
During the week from late April to early 2006, the closer stars magnified light from farther stars by about 500 times.
"This is a landmark discovery, because it means that solar system analogs can be very common, at least proportionally --
Sara Seager, a department of exoplanets expert from MIT, said.
"We are unstoppable on the road to finding other Earth.
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