tuesday's letters: edmonton has work to do on weeds - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-23
tuesday\'s letters: edmonton has work to do on weeds  -  solar panel traffic lights
"Natural grasslands or ugly weed patches," August
This is an interesting and controversial topic.
In my opinion, Edmonton needs to clear its weeds before it starts attacking its citizens.
I think the city's approach is hypocritical. To quote Coun.
Ed Gibbons: Sorry, I'm from a farm. We're weeding.
"I'm from a farm, too. It would be great if the city government followed this professional ethic.
We welcome the privilege of living next door to Craig Schlegmilch.
Instead, we live directly across the street in the city's "green space," a weed garden with an average density of six pounds per square foot and a variety of weeds. Let's work together to clean up our great city.
Dennis Turner, Edmonton Monton takes longer-
Provide regular nursing beds as soon as possible.
People are forced to stay in active hospitals or suffer at home without treatment.
Build a long one-
The nursery at Margaret's Villa was a wise decision.
Land, assisted living areas and psychiatric hospitals are already there.
Margaret's Villa was originally-
Profit-assisted living facilities, low level of service-
Income for all ages and persons with disabilities.
Most private-
Edmonton's profit-supporting living facilities have subsidized designated units in the province.
Planning and building new public financing facilities will take many years to complete.
Health as an Older Person and Retirement-
I often see and hear the urgent needs of nurses. -term care beds.
Sometimes family care and support from family, friends and neighbors are not enough.
Edmontoni's Evelyn Doberstein strongly advocates the "no homework" policy for all Canadian schools.
Children go to school with all kinds of pressures at home.
They don't need extra pressure.
Homework is just a "pacifier of time".
"It keeps children busy with useless daily activities;
Homework is not constructive.
As a former teacher, principal, school inspector and education supervisor, I never assign homework to students.
Homework is done by parents/guardians, not by schools.
When their parents came home, they began to do their homework.
It's not "homework" for children to sit in front of TV or computer games, but abandoning their parents'responsibilities.
No study has provided any strong evidence that homework can improve my learning ability, and I can find any empirical basis to support this premise.
Gary Popovich, Edmonton.
"Dog owners should be forced to pay for park fences," the report said.
26. I believe that cities have an obligation to first address security issues, especially all other issues related to the closure of major arteries. -leash park.
Beautifying the park can wait until they solve the security problem.
I grew up in that area. I drove along that road for many years. The traffic was very heavy.
I was surprised to find that this website has become a-
Because a very busy main road is parallel to the park, the dog leads the park with a leash.
I would never regard that place as a remote place. -
That's why.
City Chooses to Start-
Belt parks, so they need to provide trash cans, benches and signs, as well as additional dog bag dispensers.
All parks in Edmonton have benches.
This is the standard project for any type of park.
What's the difference? Edmonton needs to do the right thing here, erect the fence and add benches.
In times of economic hardship, Denise L'Heureux argues that it is essential for our government to get the best possible return on its efforts to consume. -
Income tax dollars.
In business, we call it return on investment, but it seems that our provincial and municipal governments have ignored this concept.
A recent example is the commitment of $3 in Alberta and Leduk.
Install 1 million solar panels at Leduk Entertainment Center.
To save $90,000 a year in energy costs, Sleduc's Mayor estimates that the cost will be recovered in 15 years.
My calculation of Leduk's debt is 20 years.
I support the use of proven energy-saving products.
Converting the parking lights in the center to LED lights would be a good start.
Please tell me my number is wrong.
If not, it would be too wasteful.
Albertans cannot afford such leadership, especially when our children will pay for it.
Clarence Shields is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nicku City. Edmonton Northlands has a history of 140 years.
In its life, the city has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in this entity.
It may be argued that the Council will want to protect and protect this future generation, whose sustainable source of income is the arena.
However, the city provides hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies for a new arena owned by local oligarchs.
The most direct result is that the entire North China enterprise will go bankrupt without getting basic income from the arena.
So we've seen the end of the Canadian Finals, the end of horse racing, all the entertainment luxuries shifted to the oligarchy's residence, K's death threat. -
Days and concerns of conference centres competing with other cities-
Self-owned facilities providing the same services.
So why does our Parliament kill its own offspring? This is 160. -
An irresistible target of acres is a crucial decision for developers. -
The manufacturer of our city, Northern Country, will euthanize Emile Bison, their big product. The Edmonton National Development Program is wasting taxpayers'money and submitting power purchase agreements to the courts.
We should understand the impact before the implementation of carbon tax, not promote investment from our province.
They hinted that we were a banana republic. Shame on them.
Bill Hume, Edmund Tonur's local bus route 327 between Belgrade and the old Straskona is cancelling on Saturdays and Sundays.
Older people use it instead of data.
It can keep them away from the outside world, which is beneficial both physically and psychologically, because they go to bus stops and, psychologically, by preventing them from indulging in their aging problems, pharmacists, doctors and hospitals will not be infringed frequently.
The government saved money.
I suggest a compromise: 327 Torrens per hour on Saturdays and Sundays.
Wendy Davis, Edmonton Enry.
"Alberta Prime Minister Rachel Nottley called on trade unions to support the pipeline," in August.
25 I applaud Prime Minister Rachel Nottley for recognizing this person. -
Climate change was mentioned in her speech, not to mention the pursuit of the infamous Enron clause of power purchase agreements.
Unfortunately, she plans to build more pipelines.
Edmonton has 325 sunny days a year, just like Rio de Janeiro.
Calgary has 333 sunny days.
Why can't we take advantage of our far greater solar potential than Germany, which has achieved 100% renewable energy, the answer is its strong export capacity, Canada has enjoyed with the United States. S.
The market provides hydroelectric power that reduces millions of tons of carbon dioxide.
Jobs in the global renewable energy industry have increased.
For example, operating engineers in the coal industry could be retrained as manufacturing technicians for solar companies, with an expected salary increase of 10%.
Nottley knows about climate change.
She should lead Alberta and Canada towards a safe and secure energy future, not a future that endangers our air, water and youth.
Chris Kozak, Tokyo Climate Reality Leadership Team.
"The Prime Minister rejected an appeal for funding for the pandas at the Calgary Zoo," in August.
Are you kidding? -
Four giant pandas are fed bamboo, sugar cane and rice porridge for five years, which is a special kind of food. -
Fiber biscuits, carrots, apples and sweet potatoes cost $16,438.
At $35 a day, please tell me that $30 million is an incorrect figure.
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