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tribal schools instate to glow under solar lights - solar street lights for home

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-02
tribal schools instate to glow under solar lights  -  solar street lights for home
The tribal Welfare Department will equip all schools in the state with solar street lamps.
The project will use 16. 50 crore.
According to Gandame Chandradu, director of the tribal welfare department, there are 743 tribal welfare schools in the state.
The decision to install solar lights will provide students with a safe environment.
"This issue was discussed with project officials, who explained the need for solar lighting for schools.
Eight lights will be installed in each school, "said the director.
After review, the proposal was sent to the Chief Secretary for approval of the project.
A total of 5944 lights were installed in the school. Non-
Andhra Pradesh Traditional Energy Development Company(NEDCAP)
The company estimates that the project will cost about 16.
Rs 50 million, subject to approval by the State Council, is used to develop supply chains and STS.
The government has issued an order in this regard.
Of a total of 743 tribal schools, 196 are located in Visakhapatnam, 142 in East Godavari, 85 in Vizianagaram, 75 in Srikaulam, 42 in West Godavari, 41 in Prakasam and 35 in Guntur District.
The remaining institutions are located in Kurnool, Ananthapur, Chittoor, Kadapa, Nellore and Krishna districts.
Nedcap will start installation soon.
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