traffic system to be set up at ramanattukara - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
traffic system to be set up at ramanattukara  -  solar traffic light system
The authorities finally decided to install a traffic signal system at the dangerous Ramanattukara junction, where drivers and pedestrians pay their lives for reckless and negligent driving.
The Ramanattukara Junction is also a busy entrance to the NH 17 section, vehicles entering the city of Kozhikode from The Malappuram area.
It is here that motorists tend to speed up in the final sprint to reach the city through a flat highway.
The installation of the signal system was carried out after the continued public demand in the past few years.
This is part of the government's project to install cameras and signal lights between Mannuthy and Manjeswaram.
The signal system that Keltron will install will have solar energy-
There are electric traffic lights on all sides of the intersection, and the cost exceeds Rs. 10 lakh.
Currently, the peninsula-shaped area has two forked roads, a nightmare for commuters, constant traffic congestion during peak hours, and even a lack of basic pedestrian safety measures such as zebra crossings.
In addition, uneven wide dry roads witness speeding buses and trucks that risk overtaking the lives of those who cross the street.
Statistics from the regional crime records bureau show that the National Highway in suburbs such as Kozhikode bypass and Ramanattukara has the most accidents.
The area is identified for accidents and other attractions such as Nadakkavu, Eranhipalam, Thondayad, Elathur, Feroke, Mankavu, Malaparamba, Puthiyangadi, Arayidathupalam, kunnamalam district.
As many as 182 people were killed in Kozhikode city last year.
The figure for 2012 was 174.
At the same time, the number of accidents dropped significantly to 1,147 (2013)from 1,286 (2012).
More than 900 accidents last year injured 1,244 people.
Similarly, 72 cases of reckless and negligent driving that resulted in the accident were registered.
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