traffic out of gear as lights go off in thiruvananthapuram - solar powered traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
traffic out of gear as lights go off in thiruvananthapuram  -  solar powered traffic lights
With the shutdown of solar energy, road users, especially drivers, are facing a difficult period. -
Mobile traffic lights at SMC intersection, near Vazhuthacaud and Kuravankonam intersection.
The installation cost of these signals is Rs. 25 lakh.
The two lights were turned off within days of the traffic police's order, on the grounds that "some people" opposed them.
The installation cost of traffic lights at SMC intersection is Rs.
$11 million, provided by the Road Safety Fund. The Rs. 14-
The Lakh signal at Kuravankonam was established by the Kerala Highway Foundation as part of the CRIP.
During the rush hour, the traffic situation at SMC intersection is very chaotic, because the only traffic policeman on duty finds it difficult to control the traffic.
The movement of ministers and senior officials exacerbated the problem.
SMC Joints on Vellayambalam-
Thycaud Road is close to Cotton Hill Women's High School, Kerala Police Headquarters and Forestry Department Headquarters.
The most seriously affected are students, offices. -
Pedestrians and pedestrians walk on stretched roads. After 8 p. m.
When the traffic policeman completes his task, it is totally chaotic and free at the intersection.
At Kuravankonam intersection, six roads meet and traffic lights stop working soon after they are installed.
At the intersection of Kowdiar, Ambalamukku, Pattom, Nantencode, Upper Merdian and Vikaramapuram Hill, traffic police are not stationed regularly. N.
Gopinathan Nair, president of Kowdiar Residents Association, said pedestrians risk their lives crossing the road.
"In rush hour, it takes 15 to 20 minutes to cross the road.
Traffic police have not yet responded to the request to turn on the lights.
Anilkumar Pandala, director of CRIP projects, said some people pointed out that traffic lights were flawless.
"We monitor traffic while they are open.
To avoid confusion, we took action at the highest level.
A senior transport official said two lights should be turned on to ensure smooth traffic.
"Opposition from one department is preventing us from opening them.
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