traffic management to get ‘smarter’ in city - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
traffic management to get ‘smarter’ in city  -  solar traffic light system
What if the computer controlled the duration of the red light or green light at the intersection according to the traffic density of the vehicle?
This can be called a thinking traffic signal, and on Thursday, a system like this starts to run at the Jubilee Hill checkpoint.
The virtual loop camera of this intelligent traffic signal system continuously reads the traffic density and adjusts the green/red light duration accordingly, to ensure that there will be more red lights in the direction for the route with a larger number of vehicles, vehicle density and more green.
This system is as H-TRIMS (
Traffic integrated management system in Hyderabad)
It will expand to 221 signals in the city for a period of time.
At least 40 smart signals will be installed by March 1.
The system will also ensure red lights in all directions for the first time to facilitate pedestrian movement.
Another type of facility is that when traffic flows on the other side, pedestrians cross half the road.
When the pedestrian signal turns green, the "Owl" will remind the pedestrian to cross the road in 10 to 20 seconds.
"We are using the latest 32-
The Bit controller also allows for manual control of signals in all directions, as well as regional traffic control systems and sync, "said the additional police commissioner (Traffic)C. V. Anand.
He explained that there are pre-orders at every intersection.
Programming the signal timing table.
Depending on the flow density in different directions at different times during the day, the signal timing table will be configured into the controller.
The new signal system will have a high
Strength led, countdown timer, solar battery backup, direction sign and sidewalk railing, among other facilities.
As part of the H-, GHMC and the Transportation Department decided to ensure that the facilities at the intersection were improvedTRIMS.
The signal system was initiated by GHMC Commissioner M. T.
Krishna Babu in front of extra CP, traffic, CV. Anand.
Rs has been approved by the state government. 66.
50 crore of H-TRIMS project.
All 221 intersections as part of the project will have the same facilities.
All of these signal systems will be connected in real time to the traffic command center at the Basherbagh police chief's office.
This will help the police keep monitoring the functions of these signals.
Mr. Wang spoke at the meeting.
Krishna Babu explained various measures being taken to improve traffic conditions in the capital.
"We have started land acquisition work at 35 intersections, and this move will help the police to reduce the chaos significantly," he said . " In order to avoid traffic congestion, efforts are being coordinated between traffic and others. Mr.
Anand said up to 2.
Last year, the city added 90 new lakh vehicles to its growing traffic and hopes to solve the driver's problem by installing traffic signals with the latest technology.
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