thoughtfu(e)l: solar lanterns lighting hawker shops in haryana | gurgaon news - times of india - solar powered ceiling light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-25
thoughtfu(e)l: solar lanterns lighting hawker shops in haryana | gurgaon news - times of india  -  solar powered ceiling light
Gurgang: The iconic kerosene and oil Max Lamp on Demand vendors in Haryana and parts of Uttar Pradesh are gradually being replaced by solar lighting brought about by the environment. -
Energy Awareness Organization's Friendship Initiative.
Over the past few years, about 300 peddlers in Faridabad, Pavar and Agra have switched to solar lamps provided by Urja Unlimited, which not only benefits their health and environment, but also saves them a lot of money.
The vendors inhaled a lot of smoke with kerosene and oil lamps.
They don't know the impact on their health.
Solar lamp is a way to solve this problem. Its one-time investment is pocket money. -
"It's also friendly," says Puneet Ahuja, founder of Urja Unlimited, a solar solution maker.
According to different models, the price of solar lamps ranges from 2500 rupees to 2800 rupees.
LED lamps also have 800 rupees.
The solar lamp has three LED lights, and the surface is equipped with three-watt solar panels.
According to the needs of customers, specifications can be modified to meet the needs of customers.
Solar lamp with battery and charging device-
The controller installed in the cabinet at the bottom of the lamp is portable and can also be hung on the ceiling.
Logically, the cost of the lamp equals the amount a vendor spends on kerosene fuel in a year.
Without more spending after the initial investment, a solar lamp can easily serve users for nearly five to seven years, "Ahuya said.
"Because some vendors can't afford lanterns, we offer the option of installment payment," he said.
"We had doubts that some people might run away with lanterns, but it had many advantages, which made hawkers our loyal customers," Ahuya said.
Ashok Kumar, a street vendor, said, "When I turned on the solar light, my savings increased.
Now I use this money to pay for my only daughter's tuition.
Because many vendors are unable to access the public distribution system, they buy black kerosene, sometimes at twice the market price.
Ulja said it intends to reduce the cost of solar lamps through partnerships with microfinance institutions, companies and other charitable organizations.
"We plan to make a pan. -
India has initiated and is negotiating with various non-governmental organizations that have shown interest in our energy solutions.
Now we want to work hard to build new cities, "Ahuya said.
Urja Unlimited successfully installed solar street lamps at a leading university in Bad, Farida.
The organization is preparing to install new lighting in three other universities.
The organization not only produces, but also provides services for other solar solutions, such as desk lamp, tube lamp and solar torch installation.
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