things to make with clay pots - solar powered garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-30
things to make with clay pots  -  solar powered garden lights
Pottery has many uses.
Pottery pots have been used for cooking since ancient times.
Pottery pots with narrow tops have been partially buried in fields and gardens to provide a steady source of water for plants.
For a long time, pottery has been the first choice for decoration, preservation of indoor plants and other uses.
Recently, pottery has become an infinite medium of thought.
Clay pots, without glaze, can cook well.
Chefs use pots in indoor stoves and outdoor pits.
Many recipes make it easy to find all types of clay pot cooking.
To cook meat or vegetables, soak the pot in water for several hours.
Put the food in the pot and cover the hole in the bottom with foil.
The lid can be a mud dish or foil.
Baking bread in pots has become a favorite of chefs, and it's fun to be with children.
When baking, coat the pan with cooking oil to prevent sticking to the pan. Use a medium-to-
A large earthenware pot for barbecuing.
Put wood or charcoal in a jar.
The grill on top of the pan will provide a surface for cooking.
Toads live in flower beds and gardens.
Turn over the pot next to you and make a simple toad house.
Cover the pot with some dirt to insulate the heat and provide a dark home for toads.
Bury the pots almost entirely next to plants or flowers that need a lot of water.
For decorative garden lamps, earthen pots are filled with clay.
Insert the wooden stake part of the solar lamp into the soil, one for each pot.
Decorate the lighting with real or artificial flowers.
Place several medium sizes-
On the side of them are pots of suitable size, which make a golf course in the backyard.
All you need is a stick or stick and table tennis. -
Table tennis or plastic golf.
Or buy some plastic toys horseshoes.
Use a pot a little larger than a horseshoe.
Throw the horseshoe into the jar to score.
In addition, you can play family games in the yard or garage with a large pottery pot.
Put your favorite flowers in a large pot at the front or back door.
Draw a pattern and a phrase "Welcome" on the jar.
Use clear acrylic paint to gently spray the paint area for preservation.
Put a large pot and saucer in it, near the front door.
Decorate the pots and saucers as you wish. Guests (
Or family members)
You can put an umbrella or backpack in a pot and wet or muddy shoes in a dish.
Turn the pot over-down.
Spray paint as needed.
Clocks are made of aluminium bell poles.
Tie some small or medium bells to make a bigger ring.
Or, hang them up in several sizes, overlap them a little, and make a crisp sound in the breeze.
You can tie a bell to an aluminium triangle, such as a children's music triangle.
Hang a metal bell pole on the tripod, of any size, to ring the bell for dinner.
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