there are 2,800 gas lights in the city of boston. here’s what goes into caring for them. - solar street light design

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there are 2,800 gas lights in the city of boston. here’s what goes into caring for them.  -  solar street light design
At first glance, these lamp posts seem to be just another picturesque feature, scattered on the historic Bickenshan Street.
But if you look at the lantern for a while-
Day and night-
You can see the sparkling flames in the glass and glimpse how the streets of the city glowed in the past few days.
Boston has 2800 gas lamps.
There are many Beacon Hills, with more than a thousand lamp posts and burning flames on them.
But historically street lights can also be found in Charleston, the Bay Village, and in Roxbury and Dochester in some areas.
Most people don't know that a lamp is a gas lamp. -
Dan Weber, an inspector at the city street lighting department, said the lights were on.
"That's it," he said.
"Once people look up and see the flame ignited, they say,'I never knew it was gas.
"Weber, who has been in the city for 14 years, leads the crew responsible for maintaining the voyage. -
Turn on the gas light.
This is a challenging task for a two-person team. -
He accounted for half of them.
On a recent warm day, Weber and street lamp maintenance mechanic George Guptall went to battle lightly on Mount Bicken.
On Vernon Street, glass windows covered with clouds or damaged were replaced. -
Part of a lamp that surrounds a gas flame.
Replacing cloaks is a frequent occurrence.
"This cloak can last anywhere from one day to one year, depending on whether a car goes back to the pole, rocks the rocker and rocks the cloak," Weber said.
"We spent most of our time repairing to make sure the gas lights were on.
"As for glass, if it is not broken, Weber intends to replace it once a year, gradually increasing in some areas according to the seasons.
"When you have a lot of tourists in this city, you want it to be popular," he said.
"You don't want to[the lamps]dirty.
So we actually try to strengthen the competition and keep the tourists really clean.
Then in this week, we will maintain other areas.
He uses the calendar as a "road map" to track where and when the lights work. -
Where to report the problem.
They pulled each lamp next to them, and Weber checked the whole fixture to make sure that the frame was still intact, and checked the loose glass panels, replacing those covered by gas flames.
"Very often fixtures break down," he said, pointing to the landmark brick houses on both sides of the street.
"Many old buildings have steep roofs, so in winter, ice hangs on the roof. When the temperature rises, ice usually comes and hangs on the roof. Then we have to replace it.
He estimated that they recycled 85% of the bulb glass.
"A lot of other glass has a chalky film on it that you can't even wash off with any chemicals, so we have to throw it away. It's part of the process," Weber said.
Boston's first gas lamp was installed in the city's Dry City Square in 1828, replacing the oil lamp that used to light the streets.
In 1882, electric lights began to appear in Scully Square, and in 1909, the city began to replace gas. -lit lights.
According to the Boston Municipal Government, by 1913, with the exception of some residential areas, light conversion in most Boston areas had been completed.
In the 1960s, Boston was undergoing urban renewal, with a number of cities-
The number of street lights has increased, and some of the lights in historic blocks have been changed to gas lamps. -lit.
Today, part of the city's gas lamps, including those dotted with Malborough Street, use solar energy. -
Turn on and off the power unit of the flame.
Beacon Hill does not use timers, but the city is trying to get more timers into other communities, such as Charlestown.
"When it's fully deployed[we’ll]
More than 50% of street lighting combines gas and solar energy-
Electric timers, "says Mike Donahey, City Street Lamp and Asset Manager.
Weber said he was proud to maintain the lights.
"I like to see people happy," he said.
"It's like somebody saw us cleaning these things today, and suddenly they appeared on 311 applications," I saw them cleaning outside. What happened to my lights?
So I only do a small part at a time.
"For Weber, he travels through the city streets, handles fixtures that look like old times, and every day presents a new Boston look.
"It's a great job. . . You have to come in. -
It's like watching movies on the steering wheel every day, "he said.
"Some things have been changing.
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