the townhouse suited for family living near the beach - solar powered led flood light

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the townhouse suited for family living near the beach  -  solar powered led flood light
The Hansens bought a couplet villa surrounded by a friendly and caring community.
Source: News Corp. Australia Christian and Barbara Hansen are auctioning their three companies. -
The bedroom villa in Mona Valley has its own pets and children-
Friendly gardens, but so fond of this area, they just move around the corner.
The couple found rural life in Monavalle and rarely went out without seeing people they knew and chatting with.
"I like the fact that I can walk into almost any store and almost all the shopkeepers know me.
This is the most amazing thing about moving here.
We thought we had just bought a house, "Mrs. Hansen said.
More: The Pitwater Road Villa, a 10-minute drive from the seaside villa, sells for $10 and leads to a private courtyard and garden.
Source: Hansen acquired 1/1630 Pitwater Road, Monavalle in 2013, one of which was acquired in 2013. -
Bedroom apartment, preferred space, double garage interior access and two bathrooms.
Most importantly, it has a sunny courtyard where friends and family can relax for breakfast and barbecue.
It checks all our boxes and so on!
Mrs. Hansen said.
It's a small block with only eight townhouses with entrances in front and back.
"We bought it when our daughter was nine months old," Mrs. Hansen said.
"We are a tired couple, with a young child and two noisy cats, trying to squeeze into my husband's. -
Bedroom single bed-
And the tragic defeat.
One of the three bedrooms of the Mona Valley Row Villa.
Source: Providing Families-sized kitchen.
Source: Provided that "we urgently need to prepare a second bedroom for our baby, a real bathroom, we can put her in. " (
Not the plastic bucket on the top of the washing machine.
A real garage, not trying to deal with street parking.
When we found this place, we couldn't believe it, "she said.
The couple's bedroom and toilet have tripled in their row villa in Mona Valley, and their living space has quadrupled. If she nods in the car, they can let their children sleep.
But the real benefits of living in the centre of Mona Valley soon emerged.
They found that they hardly needed their car!
They walk to parks, seascapes, Mona Valley beaches, doctors, barbers, gyms and libraries.
Later, it became a simple walk to kindness, school and B. -line for work.
The couplet villas have new curtains and soft carpets.
Storage rooms have been added and gardens have been overhauled to provide a safe environment for children.
"But the best thing we've ever done is to put it in the sun. -
Downstairs electric LED skylight.
Mr. Hansen said, "We managed to illuminate the place with light and create the bright and happy living space we now have. "
Mrs. Hansen especially likes the direct sunlight to the second bedroom and Juliet's balcony, and she likes her work area to look out from the yard.
Courtyard and outdoor dining area.
Source: Suppliedmr Hansen likes to sit by the garden fireplace and enjoy barbecues with friends.
He also admired his small workshop next to the garage.
The family now consists of Christian, Barbara, Haley, six, and Zack, four of whom are well integrated into the community.
"We soon realized that we actually bought a house belonging to the village.
Of course it's downtown.
But how many cities are there? -
Can residents say that?
The people here are so cute.
Sincerity, kindness and willingness to help others.
We never want to leave Mona Valley.
That's why we're so grateful for finding another place around the corner!
"Mr. Hansen said.
Signing up for the latest real estate newsletter, "I never knew how important it was to the soul until I found my sense of belonging. "
I like to walk to the Flying Fox Park every year to see the fireworks at 9:00, and leave at 8:45, while others struggle in the parking lot.
I like that we are at the center of everything.
At Christmas, they sing carols with candlelight in the country green, and they never miss the performance in the market.
We're spoiled too. We can choose coffee, cakes, sushi and pizza, "Mrs. Hansen said.
Their joint villas are very close to Mona Valley Beach and Narabin Lagoon. Their family has bicycles and double rows of kayaks to enjoy outdoor life.
Their house will be auctioned through LJ Hooker Mona Vale on Tuesday, June 18 for $1.
195 million price guidelines.
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