the solar park bench - a boon for bums on seats - solar street light design

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-01
the solar park bench - a boon for bums on seats  -  solar street light design
On a sunny winter day, sitting on a cold bench, this vague uneasiness will soon pass away. The solar-
Heated benches will be the warmest place in winter.
The first such seat will be installed on Manchester Street, Liverpool, as part of a community renewal project with a group of pioneering architects and designers.
They are studying how to build a pedestrian cafe society of shops and houses in an area. -and-a-half acres.
The solar workbench will have a horizontal roof with a 30-degree slant, which is the best angle for Northern England to absorb solar energy.
The system can work without direct sunlight.
The panel will be filled with water and the sun will warm it up to 30 degrees. -40C.
The pipe will enter the ground from the panel and then into the steel platform.
The structure will be eggs. -
Shape, about 4.
It is 5 meters high, 20 meters long and 15 meters wide.
The total cost of the project (excluding building reconstruction) is about 1 million.
The project relies on art funding, but may be completed by 2000.
Peter Richardson, director of architects at Glasgow Zoo, said the concept had a serious purpose. He was a business design team exploring developmental aesthetics.
"The goal is to use renewable energy, and heating chairs are only part of that strategy," he said. Photo-
Photovoltaic solar panels can be used for street lighting in this area.
Groundwater is available on site. The system will be equipped with heat pumps. -
Floor temperature in cafes and shops.
"If you sit on a bench in Liverpool in winter, you'll leave a little fur," said Bill Maynard, a development company involved in the project.
"That means it's warm all year round.
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