the destructive path of u.s. protectionism - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-22
the destructive path of u.s. protectionism  -  solar panel traffic lights
The two companies that make solar panels have asked the government to protect them from foreign competition.
They want the government to impose tax and price restrictions on imported goods.
Other companies have warned that these policies will increase prices, narrow the market and reduce jobs in the solar industry.
Panel installers, manufacturers of installation equipment, and other parts of the large solar industry.
As many as 88,000 jobs are at risk, they say.
Solar protectionism will therefore be in line with the long-standing tradition of US trade restrictions.
Trade lawyer Scott lindcombe reviewed this frustrating history in a new paper by the liberal Cato Institute.
He acknowledged that the evidence on the impact of protectionism in the first years of the country was mixed: Studies on whether protectionism helped or hurt the economy differ, while clearly pointing out that protectionism promoted corruption.
However, in the later period of his investigation, the more serious the situation of trade barriers causing harm to Americans is because there is only more data, but also because global economic development increases the cost of these obstacles.
Whether trade restrictions involve steel, textiles, semiconductors or automobiles, the common theme is that they save a lot of money in every job in the protected industry, placing a particularly heavy burden on low-income people, and destroy so many jobs in other industries that they often lead to a net decrease in employment.
Even when it comes to relative success stories.
Tariffs on Japanese motorcycles are usually considered to be brought back to Harley
Davidson in the 1980 s
Lincicome cited a study that shows that tariffs only explain 6% of the company's sales recovery, and consumers save about $350,000 per job (
With today's dollars).
In 1986, the Japanese government imposed restrictions on Japanese semiconductors, a decision that seemed to do no less harm to the US computer industry than to semiconductor manufacturers, but only temporarily helped them.
What's worse, the impact of tariffs on apartments
Panel Display, which causes computer manufacturers to move production out of the United States. S.
Policy makers never seem to learn anything from these failures.
The Obama administration has imposed tariffs on Chinese tires.
Cost consumers $900,000 per tire
They kept their job for a year.
Sometimes we use retaliatory tariffs to try to get other countries to lower barriers to our exports.
Lincicome found that these efforts have rarely led to the removal of these obstacles in other countries.
On the other hand, the trade agreement has yielded results.
Since protectionism has not received much support from economists, its advocates often cite "lessons from history" to support their claims.
Freedom in America
Pat Buchanan said the trader's belief "stems from ignorance of the country's past.
In a speech earlier this year at a joint session of Congress, Trump quoted Abraham Lincoln's warning that "the US government has abandoned its protection policy . . . . . . There will be want and destruction among our people.
"The History of the protectionist is usually false.
His argument about trade was foolish, and it did not in any way detract from Lincoln's greatness: it was based on the idea that long-distance transportation of goods amounted to "useless Labor ".
"The Real History of AmericaS.
Trade policy tells us something different.
Protectionist measures have been tried and tried, and tried again: for lowtech and high-
Technology products launched by Democratic and Republican governments during the boom and bust.
Sometimes protectionism is conducive to the narrow interests that demand protectionism.
In promoting the interests of the entire American, its record is almost one of the gratifying failures. But who knows?
Maybe solar.
Panel tariffs will vary.
Ramesh Ponnuru, Bloomberg View columnist.
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