tesla delivers solar power to puerto rico hospital - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-20
tesla delivers solar power to puerto rico hospital  -  solar panel traffic lights
More than a month after Hurricane Maria struck, teras had restored power to Puerto Rico's Children's Hospital.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the solar project on Thursday.
Musk wrote on Instagram that the hospital was "the first of many of Tesla's solar cell projects in Puerto Rico", along with images of a series of solar panels.
"It is a pleasure to help support the economic recovery.
"Earlier this month, Musk promised to meet with the governor of Puerto Rico to study how to rebuild the island's grid with renewable energy.
On September, Puerto Rico suffered two powerful hurricanes.
Rebuilding the power grid in Puerto Rico could take months and cost up to $5 billion.
SolarCity, also run by Musk, will be responsible for the installation and sales of solar panels.
This process involves pairing large batteries with solar panels and solar roof tiles.
"The Tesla team has done this for many of the smaller islands in the world, but there is no scalability limit, so Puerto Rico can do that," Musk said earlier this month . ". Roughly three-
More than a month after Hurricane Maria listed the island as a Category 5 storm, some residents still found themselves without electricity.
MORE: Five weeks after Maria Puerto Rico, most of the region, was still an island in the dark recently, Whitefish Energy Holdings received a contract worth $0. 3 billion to help rebuild Puerto Rico's
However, the government of Puerto Rico.
Ricardo Rosello wants an audit of the contract, and members of Congress have questioned how the deal was completed because the company is based in the home town of interior minister Ryan Zinck.
Other tech companies have also stepped in to help Puerto Rico regain its footing.
Google's parent company Alphabet approved the use of Loon project balloons to help return Internet services to remote areas where mobile towers have been demolished.
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