tesla and 10 other companies to invest in if you are optimistic about driverless cars - solar traffic lights manufacturers

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tesla and 10 other companies to invest in if you are optimistic about driverless cars  -  solar traffic lights manufacturers
The story has been updated since October.
June 2015, including updated Tesla information. NEW YORK (TheStreet)-
Driverless cars have attracted more and more attention, especially the recent CBS. (CBS -Get Report)
Mercedes-Benz 60 Minutes-Benz's self-
Driving last Sunday.
More than 33,000 people die in car accidents every year, mainly due to driver errors.
Supporters of driverless cars say that with advances in automotive technology, this is a problem that can be minimized.
When you think of yourself-
For some people, driving a car is still too futuristic. It's an ambition to get into the mainstream faster than you think.
More than 20 companies in the world-
Many of them are public. --
According to a CB Insights report, there are plans, willingness to invest, and there may even be a test model for a driverless car.
The data and forecast analysis company recently released a report listing where each company is trying to launch driverless cars.
"The arrival of an automatic vehicle will trigger automation-
The biggest shock in the industry-
Since its inception, "September"25 report said. "While Google (GOOGL -Get Report)(GOOG -Get Report)
What talks most is-
For gamers, we identified 25 other big companies or corporate brands. . .
It involves unmanned vehicle space.
While some participants are setting up funds to invest in new technologies involving autonomous vehicles, others are trying to build their own cars. -
Driving from the ground to the ground, "the report points out.
Silicon Valley is rapidly becoming "New Detroit". -
"Driving a car," as the 60-minute section says, but for investors, how can you get involved before the car goes to sunset?
Fortunately, many car manufacturers and technology companies have found their way out. -
Driving phenomenon.
This is 10 listed companies listed in the United States. S.
People with driverless cars. 1. Apple (AAPL -Get Report)
Are there any apples that don't want to dominate?
From computers to telephones to televisions to pencils, rumors in Cupertino, California. -
Driverless cars, headquartered in technology giants, are developing rapidly.
According to the Wall Street Journal last month, Apple has been reported to be producing an electric car called Titan with a target delivery date of 2019.
However, the Guardian reported in August that Apple was known to be spying on its location in the San Francisco area. driving car.
The company also employs engineers with self-experience. -
Tesla's Driving Techniques(TSLA -Get Report), Volkswagen (VLKAY)
And microchip manufacturer Nvidia(NVDA -Get Report)
New employees from other car manufacturers.
"This car is the ultimate mobile device," Jeff Williams, Apple's senior vice president, said at a re-coding conference in May. In response to a question, he said that in addition to stock repurchases and dividends, Apple would also deal with its huge cash reserves.
"We are exploring many different markets. " 2. Baidu (BIDU -Get Report)
Baidu, the Chinese search giant, has partnered with BMW and plans to launch its own search engine. -
According to a report in June by the Guardian, driving is expected by the end of this year.
They announced themselves. -
In April 2014, the Driving Research Project, the test vehicle traveled on the highways of Beijing and Shanghai.
Baidu's technology aims to help drivers, not replace them, the article said.
Baidu owns its own map technology and invests in Indooratlas, a Finnish map startup.
"Compared with American companies, Baidu's big advantage is that the Chinese government can implement large-scale plans more flexibly and faster. -
Legislation allows oneself-
Driving a car. This is America. S.
Regulators may take longer, "CB Insights pointed out. 3.
Delphi(DLPH -Get Report)
Delphi is already an automotive technology manufacturer, so extending it to driverless vehicle technology is not a difficult task.
The company has built a software and sensor network that can be installed into existing car models to make them autonomous.
When testing its technology in March, Delphi completed a cross-test. -
A team of engineers drove a village trip with an autopilot called "RoadRunner".
The company said in a blog post: "The car is doing very well. It can drive in the mountains, in the heat, in traffic jams, in trucks, in road construction and even in the wind and rolling grass. "4. Ford (F -Get Report)
At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, Ford announced its Ford Intelligent Mobile Program, which aims to enhance innovation in the automotive industry, including projects dedicated to automotive connectivity and autonomous vehicles.
The company said a fully autonomous Ford Fusion hybrid research vehicle was undergoing road tests. -
At present, Ford's autonomous technology can also produce real cars through sensors. -
Three-dimensional time map of the surrounding environment.
In June this year, the company announced the establishment of a complete team dedicated to independent car development, headquartered in Silicon Valley.
"In the next five years, we will migrate drivers-
In June, Raj Nair, vice president of Ford Group's global product development, said: "Provide technical support in our product line to help our roads become safer and to continue to improve self-driving capabilities. "5.
General Motors(GM -Get Report)
General Motors has its own big plan-
Driving a car, I hope to be a leader in the field of transportation in the future.
Last week, the company announced that it would run a fleet of its own. -driving plug-in gas-
Electric hybrid Chevrolet Volts will be on display at the end of next year on the campus of a large technology center in the suburbs of Detroit, Warren, Michigan, according to the Associated Press.
In the long run, the Chevrolet brand has cooperated with SAIC Motors, a Chinese automobile manufacturer, to create an all-electric, autonomous Chevrolet. -FNR, a fully-
Assuming mass-fired AEV-
According to Fortune magazine, products will be marketed by 2030.
"By 2030, GM plans--
Hypothetical Model Year of FNR--self-
Driving technology will be abundant enough to reduce costs, so for the real world-
Fortune magazine article said.
"Chinese executives believe that in developing countries such as China, autopilot has a very good opportunity for development. In these countries, cities and roads are crowded. The government is eager to solve the problem of traffic congestion, and many infrastructure has not yet been built. " 6. Google (Alphabet)(GOOG -Get Report)(GOOGL -Get Report)
Perhaps the loudest company-
The ambition to drive a car is Google, er, the alphabet.
Google has its own website-
Driving car project.
The company has been testing modified Lexus SUVs and new prototypes in Mountain View, California.
And Austin, Texas.
Google takes a sign of itself seriously-
The drive project was recently hired by John Kraftsick, a veteran in the automotive industry and former Truecar president. (TRUE -Get Report)
Prior to that, Hyundai Motor USA's CEO and President were in charge of the project.
Although the search giant has sent mixed signals about whether it will produce its own car.
Google expects to have a finished product by 2020. 7. Honda Motor (HMC -Get Report)
Honda announced in March that it had begun testing driverless and connected vehicles in the San Francisco Bay area.
Engadget's Richard Lawler wrote in September 2014 that the car is an improved version of Acura TLX, capable of driving on busy highways and incorporating "better than some people I know".
Honda demonstrated a prototype of its own Acura at the Detroit Motor Show in 2014. 8. Mobileye (MBLY)
Just as important as the car itself is, the high-tech chipmaker needs to create a self. -driving car.
MobileEye has provided many chips and advanced drivers-
Auxiliary systems currently used by manufacturers.
"Mobile eye assistance-
Driving technology applies the algorithm to video images taken from a single camera to detect the deviation of nearby vehicles, pedestrians, traffic lights or lanes.
According to an article by Bloomberg, it warns drivers of potential dangers or uses automatic braking, and has led to the development of chips and systems that will be used in fully automated vehicles.
Chief Executive Ziv Aviram told Bloomberg that automakers would be able to "produce a driverless car as soon as 2021, while the cost of MobileEye technology and other sensors would not exceed $1,000. "
However, Mobileye has yet to announce its plans to produce cars. 9. Tesla (TSLA -Get Report)
Elon Musk, chief executive of Tesla, said that the company is developing its own autopilot system and plans to launch the technology in 2017.
Still "fully automated"-
Musk told Nikkei last year that the ability of pilots "still has five to six years to go".
Tesla is about to launch a limited self-driving program, which will include acceleration, braking, lane change and other vehicle distance perception.
"Expectations[for autopilot]
Someone is paying attention to the road and preparing to take over if there is a problem.
"It works the same way as the autopilot of an aircraft," Musk said in June.
It also has a "call" function, where the car can find its owner, as well as its own. -Parking in the garage.
Musk said on Twitter over the weekend that Autopilot will be released on Thursday, October 4.
15: "There's some exciting news this week: Tesla 7 Autopilot software will be released in full on Thursday!
"Musk said the seventh edition.
1 software(
No release date yet)
Auto-driving parking will be included in response to questions from Twitter followers. 10. Toyota Motors (TM -Get Report)
After boycotting the campaign, Toyota announced last month that it would invest $50 million in research centers dedicated to artificial intelligence and automated driving technology in cooperation with Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
However, the company did not disclose plans to produce driverless cars. 11. Volkswagen (VLKAY)
The beleaguered Volkswagen is facing a major scandal of fraud against the United States. S.
Emission testing, announcement of project V-Charge in July.
The project is a partnership between German automobile manufacturers and several European universities to introduce an autonomous passenger parking system for electric vehicles. (V-
Cost is the abbreviation of parking fee for passengers. )
The idea is that consumers can park their cars in the garage and let them park on their own and get an ideal prototype in 2019, although the emission crisis may hinder the plan financially.
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