sunny future for china\'s first solar panel road - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-20
sunny future for china\\\'s first solar panel road  -  solar panel traffic lights
63,180 square feet, 3,670-ft-
Long photovoltaic section in the south of the city highway.
Once completed, the road will be able to generate electricity using the sun, which will be transmitted to the grid.
Its peak power generation is 817.
Zhang Hongchao, a professor at the school of transportation engineering at Tongji University, said that 2 KW, more than 20 years of design service life.
The project was funded by Qilu Transportation Development Group and built by Pavenergy, a chief engineer of Professor Zhang Yong.
On September, the company released a 7,100-sq-
The FT photovoltaic pilot area in the heart of Jinan power several chargers for electric vehicles.
"In addition to solar power, the new highway will be third.
Party services such as wireless charging of electric vehicles and guidance of self-driving cars, "he said.
Professor Zhang said that space for wireless charging devices has been reserved on the road, and the joint work with Qualcomm in the United States aims to introduce a mobile vehicle wireless charging part within two or three years.
Professor Zhang led a team of development costs.
Effective materials and structures of Photovoltaic pavement for 8 years.
The current materials meet the national standards and can withstand various vehicles.
Professor Zhang said the road is as economical as asphalt and cement.
One Square Meter]10 sq ft]
Photovoltaic pavement can earn at least 100 yuan (£11)
One year through power generation.
Its third affiliated company has more profit potential. party services.
In addition, the construction of solar roads will also save land acquisition costs, rather than the construction of solar farms.
"The idea of building a solar road was first proposed in 2006 by American scientists Scott brousso and Julie brousso.
The first pedestrian and bicycle solar road was completed in the Netherlands in 2014. The first one-kilometre (0. 6 mile)
Solar roads for cars are built in tourismau-
Normandy, 2016.
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