sun to light up streets in panchayats | coimbatore news - times of india - all in one solar street light price

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sun to light up streets in panchayats | coimbatore news - times of india  -  all in one solar street light price
Coimbatore: Disabled power.
And the village of Panchayat, which falters under huge electricity bills, knows that.
Not surprisingly, Panchayats here plans to use solar energy to reduce consumption and manage its finances better in the process.
A state government plan to promote renewable energy in rural areas - through the establishment of a regional authority for solar streetlights this fiscal year - offers Panchayat the opportunity to switch electricity. -full.
A senior official from the Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency said the government planned to set up 100,000 street lamps in Panchayat village, a selected village in the state, over the next five years.
The government has allocated 52 pounds.
The first year of the project was 5 million rupees.
He said that this year alone, 20,000 solar street lamps will be installed in the village of Panchayat.
To implement the plan, the government has divided the state into four districts.
There will be 5,000 solar street lamps in each area.
As part of the project, at least 500 lights may be installed in Coimbatore.
Each solar lamp will cost 30,000 rupees.
TNeb will also support the project by providing backups.
If it rains continuously for several days, the solar lamp will not work.
In this case, TNAB will provide electricity to the village.
LED lights will also be introduced to illuminate the streets.
The official said that LED lights would reduce energy consumption and the village's income would drop by nearly a tenth.
According to the agency's sources, many pancakes have high electricity bills.
As of December 20, Panchayats owed 248 million rupees to the government.
Last month's figures showed that 124 pancakes had to pay 398 million rupees.
He further indicated that the introduction of solar lamps would be an important step in reducing power consumption and cost.
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