sun could unleash massive ‘superflare’ in our lifetimes and ‘wipe out technology, cause trillions in damage’ - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-16
sun could unleash massive ‘superflare’ in our lifetimes and ‘wipe out technology, cause trillions in damage’  -  solar energy traffic lights
In the coming 100, when the sun will send out a huge "Super Flash", it will probably destroy humanity.
A deadly radiation storm could destroy all the technology on Earth, could cause trillions of damage and send the Earth into chaos.
Scientists have repeatedly warned that the danger posed by super-bright bombs to humans is predicted in a new study that a bright bomb will attack us in the next century.
"Our research shows that super flare is a rare event," said DrYuta Notsu, chief expert at the University of Colorado Boulder . ".
"But we are likely to experience such events in the coming 100 or so.
The super flare is a huge energy burst from the surface of the star.
They're high-
The power version of the Sun torch-causing regular and basically harmless outbreaks of solar energy in the northern lights.
In the past, scientists believed that our sun, as far as stars are concerned, was old and inactive and could not produce a super flash.
But by looking at the solar activity of distant stars, researchers now find that our sun is capable of generating huge energy bursts.
Using NASA's Kepler space telescope, the team found old stars like our own sunspots, millions of times more powerful than any star detected on Earth.
If the sun breaks out, our planet will most likely be in orbit of a wave of high tides.
Radiation of energy.
Such an explosion would hit the Earth's magnetic field, destroy the world's electronic equipment, cause large-scale power outages, and short-circuit communication satellites in orbit.
The results of this study should be sober.
Dr. noso said life on our planet is coming soon.
"When our Sun was young, it was very active because it was spinning very fast and could produce a more powerful flare," he added . ".
"But we don't know if there will be such a big flash in the modern sun, and the frequency is very low.
"Some scientists warn that humans need to be better prepared for potential solar storms.
Lloyd, an insurance company in London, believes that the losses caused by such incidents lasting one to two years will be between $600 billion and $2. 6 trillion.
Even the modern little solar storm can cause widespread power outages in Sweden and Canada.
In 2012, a massive mass injection of the corona could cost electronic devices the Earth in just nine days.
The incident was comparable to the 1859 Carrington incident in which the telegraph operator suffered an electric shock and a spark exploded on the wire tower.
The new study is published in the journal Astrophysical.
Experts warned during the March that a "huge" solar storm capable of destroying Earth's satellites and electronic devices was "coming ".
The devastating space storm could hit the Earth at any time, and we only have 15 minutes to inform.
Stephen Hawking has said that the Earth will become a fiery fireball 2600 kilometers ago and mankind will become extinct.
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