stone house in kilkenny is full of country charm for €1.5m - outdoor solar ceiling light

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stone house in kilkenny is full of country charm for €1.5m  -  outdoor solar ceiling light
Joan Waters had been living in the old house and fell under the spell of light. -
During her trips to Spain, Portugal, Singapore and Australia, she had all kinds of interior decorations.
Fortunately, she found an address on her postcard. -
In 2007, she supervised the modernist creation. -Style house.
It covers an area of 400 square meters and is built on a hill overlooking the village. -
A popular movie location optimizes the landscape of the Noel Valley and surrounding countryside.
Larkin & Associates, the architect of Bennetts Bridge, encountered obstacles in designing the two buildings. -
The first floor covers two acres.
"They don't even think I'm going to get planning permission for this location," Waters said.
Persistence pays off, although she has to compromise on height, which must be lowered in order to integrate into the landscape.
A large amount of soil has been mined to make property on slopes.
In this process, a large amount of subsoil is removed, which contains a large number of stones.
"I think it's very suitable for the appearance of the house and helps it integrate into the countryside, so it's called Cappag Stone House," Waters said.
Introducing as much light as possible into daytime and evening rooms is a priority, so the South-
Facing the kitchen, its curved cabinet has a glass roof dome.
Storage rooms allow access to the courtyard from across the kitchen.
The adjacent main lounge faces west, utilizing the sunshine in the evening.
Emphasizing the fact that this is not an ordinary house is a sports room, with sunken ceiling lights.
It's perfect for parties because it's almost sound-proof and allows parties to overflow outdoors.
It leads to an adjacent study with a French door to the courtyard.
There is also a spacious room downstairs.
Although the house is full of luxury, there are also many practical elements, including the bathroom near the garage, suitcase, utilities and laundry, and the downstairs all-ceramic shower.
The bathroom has floor heating and three suites with double rooms. -
The master bedroom has an oversize suite and walks. -in closet. Mediterranean Sea-
The fancy courtyard is designed to catch the sunshine in the evening, planting grapes, pears and other fruit trees.
Waters said, "Last year I had a good harvest of outdoor grapes. "The built-
There is a sink in the barbecue area.
The stones left over from the outside of the house were rebuilt into rockeries built by local contractors.
The roof garden is designed on the first floor and offers a beautiful view of Noel and the surrounding countryside.
"There are some small closing tasks to be done, such as installing glass railings, and maybe starting from my original idea of a Japanese garden with sunshine areas," Waters said.
Electronic doors lead to a rubble-covered Street surrounded by bushes and flower beds, leading to houses, and enclosed terraces, accessible through utilities and laundries.
The error rate of this property is B2.
Services include well water, solar panels, District thermostat heating and central vacuum systems.
Callum Bain, Collier International Associate Agent, said there were many admirers of Kapag Stone House.
"It attracts people who are looking for a very comfortable and quiet family home in a better part of Ireland, as well as those who want a special vacation home.
"People who have been looking for an ultra-modern home in the region will be attracted to it, and those who are lucky enough will be able to retire to such a place," he said.
"Because of its clear lines, it attracts the imagination of mainland buyers.
ERA: 2007 Size: 400 Square Codes: Colliers International(01)633 3700;
Donohoe Town and Country(056)
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