south padre island lighting the way for baby sea turtles - solar street light project

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-04
south padre island lighting the way for baby sea turtles  -  solar street light project
They have lived in the ocean for many years, nested on land and traveled long distances during the hatching season, but it is clear that turtles are hard to see in certain types of light during these activities.
But now, they won't be in South Pad because eight new amber solar street lights unveil the tortoise driver.
Officials hope this special lighting will ensure the turtle's safety during the hatching season.
The new lights were donated by Green Mountain Energy Company for $30,000. Sea Turtle Inc. , a non-
Profit South Padre Injured Turtle Rehabilitation Center received donations as part of a $4 million expansion project and showed off lights on Turtle Avenue at a recent lighting ceremony, attended by about 50 people from Grand Valley, Valley Morning Star.
When sea turtles hatch, they cannot see clearly. They rely on the light of the moon to lead them to the ocean, where they will live until they return to the shore to build their nests.
In Florida alone, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says, "Every year, artificial lighting kills thousands of babies. "Sea Turtle Inc.
Texas Beach Tourists, "Lights on buildings and roads confuse the night. "-
Timing the nests so that they can't find their way to the sea. . .
Turn off the beach cabins lights or dim them during nesting season.
Some beaches even have laws prohibiting bright lights, so before visiting the beach, please check the laws and regulations of your city and state!
"The new amber lights will be powered by the sun during the day and lit at night.
Amber light will not disturb turtles, and the streets will continue to be safe for tourists and residents.
During the incubation season, Beach Apartments and hotels are usually forbidden to keep their lights on at night. As an endangered species, turtles outperform late-night gatherings during the incubation season.
During the turtle hatching season in Florida (from March to October), signs in apartments warn visitors that they may face fines if they leave their lights on coastal windows, leading to darkening of curtains.
The National Parks Service sabotaged the nesting process of Texas turtles, a felony with a maximum fine of $20,000.
In Texas, the turtle nesting and hatching season is from April to July. According to the National Park Service, of the five species of turtles in the Gulf of Mexico, the Pad Island National Seashore is the only place in Texas to find them.
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