solar traffic lights for ndpl areas - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-20
solar traffic lights for ndpl areas  -  solar panel traffic lights
Distribution company of norderi Power Co. , Ltd (NDPL)
Waiting for approval from the Ministry of Public Works to start a pilot project to install solar energy
Electric traffic lights in its distribution area.
In the first phase of the project, this is part of the company's initiative to strengthen energy conservation, solar energy-
Madhuban Chowk of Rohini will be equipped with electric traffic lights.
According to a company official, the project could not be launched until PWD gave upahead.
"We need solar panels --
Electric lights on PWD land, we need to get their permission.
We have reached out to them and the issues they are worried about are being addressed.
"We hope to get permission soon," an official said . ".
The official said the company had obtained the necessary approval for the pilot project from the Delhi traffic police.
NDPL purchased solar panels from Bangalore and was ready to install the infrastructure for solar energy
Traffic lights.
"First of all, these lights will be installed in Madhuban Chowk.
"Based on the feedback, we will extend the service to Vidan Saba Metro station and Chhatrasaal stadium," the official said . ".
1,500 MW solar energy-
The electric panel of Madhuban Chowk will cost Rs. 4. 5 lakh.
"The panel has arrived, and if we get permission from PWD, we will be ready for installation within a month," the official explained . ".
Speaking about the initiative, he said: "The focus of the world now is protection.
In Delhi alone, we have seen a huge energy shortage this year due to the bad monsoon.
Given the growth model of energy consumption, we must go all out and move to renewable energy.
Solar energy, the official said
Electric traffic lights will help ease urban traffic as they do not require a power supply.
Currently, solar energy-
Electric traffic lights are being used at Nizamuddin, Moolchand flyover and Indira Gandhi International Airport.
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