solar-powered traffic signal inaugurated on avanashi road - solar powered traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
solar-powered traffic signal inaugurated on avanashi road  -  solar powered traffic lights
A fully solar-
On Wednesday, the city's police chief, Amaresh Pujali, turned on an electric automatic traffic light near the new Avenash Road intersection.
With the increasing number of vehicles on urban roads, the new traffic lights will be the 44th traffic lights installed in the city, which will help regulate traffic.
By P. S. G.
And son charities at the expense of rupees.
The 800-watt solar panels are powered and can work for two days without electricity.
Amaresh Pujali, the city police chief, is in L.
Gopalakrishnan, managing director of PSG and Sons Charities, Vimal Kumar Govindan and J. S.
Bouanevaran and PSG Security Officer A. S. Nandakumar.
The new signal will enable Peeramedu's vehicle users to turn right and reach Trichy Road through the new scheme road.
Early vehicle users had to continue driving for a long distance and use U. -
Turn in the same direction and enter the new road.
With the new lights coming into use, traffic congestion on the sections is expected to be greatly alleviated, as vehicles can enter the scheduled roads to reach Tiruchi Road and GV residential areas.
The Green Corridor Project on Avinashi Road from JM Bakery to Sitra will help free traffic because vehicles can travel at a speed of 40 kilometers per hour without parking at any traffic lights.
With the modernization of urban signal and the reset of signal timer, road users are in trouble. -
Police say there will be free travel experience in the next few days.
Police sources said that maintaining traffic lights was the primary responsibility of sponsors and the police would assist them.
Sources said that the traffic signals on Avenash Road are being rearranged and the Green Corridor Project will soon be implemented.
The green corridor, first on Wen'axi Road, then on Tiruqi Road, and then on mettuppalayam Road, will allow the driver to pass a series of signals in the same extension, rather than stop at the subsequent signal.
Drivers must drive at standard speeds to pass subsequent lights without being blocked by red lights.
For example, drivers from JM Bakery can quickly stop at LIC, Anna's statue, Lakshmi Mills, Nava India, PSG technology, Ranga Vilas Mill's new road signaling schemes and hope to drive at University intersections at standard speeds.
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