solar-powered signs to signal speeders near campuses ... - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-05
solar-powered signs to signal speeders near campuses ...  -  solar traffic light system
Employee writer Lancaster-Jim King-Twenty-two solar-powered, radar-actuated speed-
In order to slow down the driver, schools in the nearby area are opening warning signs.
These signs are about $10,000 per piece when they enter 25-
School district of public health.
City officials say if the driver's speed exceeds the published speed limit, the lights on the signs will flash.
Randy Williams, Director of Public Works, said the feedback from the citizens was that they had made a huge difference.
"People are slowing down.
12 flags are activated and the rest will be activated in a few days.
The signs are located near the amagossa Middle School, Cole Middle School, del Sur, desert landscape school, Jack Northrop school, Joe Walker Middle School, Lincoln Primary School, Park landscape School, sunset Elementary, Sunnydale Elementary, Terra Bonita School and Valley View School.
Each sign collects data about how fast the driver is driving when approaching the sign and whether they are slowing down.
Michelle Cantrell, an Acity traffic engineer, said no data has been collected yet, but observations suggest that their speed is slowing down when they see the signs.
It is possible to install a modem to enable them to collect information remotely and enter it directly into a desktop computer, Cantrell said.
The second effort to improve traffic safety will be launched in the medium term
Red was installed in September-
Select the lighting camera at the intersection.
After the traffic lights turn red, the camera will video the vehicle into the front and back of the intersection.
The camera will be installed on all four roads leading to West Street, 15 Jand Street;
Located on the east and west sides of K Avenue and 10 Street;
Except on the east side of K Avenue, 30 th Street, there are others.
According to state law, the city must provide a 30-day announcement before the camera starts to operate.
Only warning references can be issued for the first 30 days of operation.
The ticket for running a red light was fined $351, of which the city received a fine of about $150.
City officials expect about 450 drivers to get tickets-
Arrive in the mail-
Bring about $67,500 in revenue to the city.
City workers believe Lancaster's camera systemsupporting.
The cost of the system is expected to be between $35,200 and $61,400 per month, including the cost of a representative looking at each case to determine whether a violation occurred.
The Los Angeles County Security Department recorded 203 collisions related to red-light vehicles in Lancaster in 2005, an increase of 27.
From 7% in 2004. The 2005 red-
238 people were injured and four were killed in a minor collision. dailynews (661)267-5743 CAPTION(S)
Photo: (2)1 --color)
The school speed limit sign in front of the new sun-
The power sign shows how fast a driver drove on Wednesday in a school district on J Avenue east of Lancaster's Tenth Street. (2)
One of the new solar
Electric sign, tell drivers how fast they are going in a school district on J Avenue
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