solar powered pipe light - stainless steel solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-25
solar powered pipe light  -  stainless steel solar garden lights
For around $50.
00. Create this interesting solar lamp with solar lights, iron pipes and paint.
Because these lights are solar, no wires or plugs are needed.
Very suitable for late night backyard barbecue.
I hang my chain on the fence, but you can hang your chain anywhere, like on a tree, a shepherd's hook or a porch. 3 -1/2-
Black Iron Street Bend Joint with Diameter 90 3-1/2-
Black steel threaded joint fittings with inch diameter(2 -3”, 1 -8”)1 -1/2-
Black iron plug with diameter of 4-1/2-
Rust on Black Iron Tee Joint with Diameter-
Smoke black hammer enamel spray-3
Garden Solar Lamp(heads only)Degreaser (
I like Crude Kurt. Chain1)
Clean all pipes with a degreaser like Krud Kutter.
Spray it directly on the pipe and wipe it off with clothes.
Connect all components as shown in Figure 3)
Paint is placed in each elbow fittings through the top tee joint and hangs on a fence, tree or Shepherd hook. Let the sun recharge the lights, and I use 1/2 of them to install them on the heavy wooden base to enjoy the desktop version of the pipe lights. -
Diameter is black iron floor flange accessories.
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