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solar-powered light to help fishermen avert accidents - solar powered garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-30
solar-powered light to help fishermen avert accidents  -  solar powered garden lights
Ramswalland's fishing boats will soon rise in price-
Launching solar lights helps to avoid-sea collisions.
The initiative is part of the Rameswalan Solar Mission, which was launched by former President Dr. A. P. J.
Abdul Kalam will be launched on the island on 19 July.
Most fishing boats in Tamil Nadu still use traditional lanterns at sea.
Several defensive or cargo ships were on board, causing death or injury to fishermen.
This task is being carried out with the Ramanathapuram District Government, which serves the firm energy PVT. LTD and NGOs.
"Doctor's House.
Karam in Ramswalland will be declared the "Sun House". A 6-
A kilowatt solar power plant has been installed to provide uninterruptible power supply.
The plant will cover the Life Mission Gallery and the Doctor's Knowledge Center Library.
Karam is in the house.
Many students, tourists and locals visited art galleries and libraries, and the blackout hindered the environment.
Former Presidential Adviser Pontraj told Hindus on Thursday.
In addition to Lamswaran's street lights, the mission will also illuminate the world-famous Panban Bridge with solar energy.
Doctor's solar house.
Dr. Karam will take up the postA.
Sivathanu Pillai, Director of Defense(
Research and development)
Defense Research and Development Organization, Chief Executive Officer of Bramos Airlines, July 19.
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