solar powered led lamp post - solar powered led flood light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-09
solar powered led lamp post  -  solar powered led flood light
This is or used to be a natural gas lamp post that is no longer used and will be taken to a local waste yard.
The first step is to install the pedestal in the pot and place about 20 pounds of accelerator. (R)in the pot.
I initially planned to move the pot sometime later, but after the concrete was dry, I decided to leave the pot, fill it with earth and put some plants/flowers in it.
Single LED spotlights were purchased at Lowes for $12.
I have a "crushed ice-white" lighting panel for a previous project.
I saw off the mounting eagle's bracket and the top ventilation cap with a steel saw.
Then remove the grounding pin to the spotlight and connect the spotlight to one of the remaining four pillars that had been fixed to the top bracket.
Paint the lamp post black again, then spray the silver inside the lamp area, find a mirror of the old flash, and place it upside down on the old gas pipe that used to fix the gas ball.
Then I cut off the lighting panels with a tool knife and installed them exactly like the old glass panels.
It doesn't illuminate the area, but the white panels will illuminate it well and it's easy to see from the road.
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