solar-powered car, 'stella vie,' that can supply energy back to the grid hailed 'the future of electric vehicles' - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-13
solar-powered car, \'stella vie,\' that can supply energy back to the grid hailed \'the future of electric vehicles\'  -  solar traffic light system
With the end of the World Solar Challenge, a future Dutch home car not only uses the sun as a power but also provides energy to the grid, known as the "future" Sunday.
Double innovation
The first annual competition in 1987 began in Darwin a week ago, with 41 cars set off at a speed of 3,000 kilometers. kilometre (1,860-mile)
Travel through the heart of Australia to Adelaide.
The Dutch car "nuna 9" won the third race
Straight Time, after driving at an average speed of 81, crossed the finish line on Thursday.
2 kilometers per hour (55. 5 mph).
Scroll down to watch the video it is competing for the Challenger class, which features a smooth, single-seat aerodynamics vehicle designed for continuous battery life and total energy efficiency.
But there is also a cruiser class that is introduced to bridge the high-
Terminal technology and daily driving practicality.
German team HS Bochum is the first four-
Vegan classic coupe with sustainable materials such as Vegan pineapple leather seats.
But organizers say another Dutch team, Eindhoven, will win the championship on a system that takes into account Design, practicality, energy efficiency and innovation.
Their home car, stella view, carries five people at an average speed of 69 kilometers per hour, and event director Chris Selwood says it's an actual showcase for the future.
He says the design of these incredible solar cars takes into account the commercial market and has all the features of a home, luxury or sports car.
The achievements of the Eindhoven team deserve congratulation ---
Apparently, this is the most energy-efficient solar vehicle in the field, able to generate more power than they consume.
This is the future of solar electric vehicles.
When your car is parked at home, it can charge and provide energy to the grid.
Most of the cars in the competition were developed by universities or companies, with teams from all over the world.
They are allowed to store a small amount of energy, but most of their energy must come from the kinetic energy of the Sun and the vehicle.
The Eindhoven team says its vision is to create a balance between aerodynamics, aesthetics and practical design.
We think we have achieved great success in a car that is more efficient than our predecessors, including some states --of-the-
Art Technology can not only generate energy, they say, but also supply it back to the grid.
"Through smart charging and discharging systems, when the power grid has a high demand for energy, she charges the battery and vice versa.
Any remaining energy generated can be easily supplied back to the grid.
Of the 12 cruisers that started, 6 were completed.
In addition to German and Dutch entrants, vehicles from Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States also crossed the finish line.
Solar energy, 2014-
The successor of the electric family car, Stella, was driven by the sun from Los Angeles to San Francisco-
A journey covering nearly 385 miles (619km).
Prototype four-
Seater has solar cells on its roof that provide power while driving, and it also has a tablet that tracks traffic lights.
The car was built by a group called Solar Tam Eindhoven, which is located at the University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
Stella's journey stretches along California's scenic Pacific Coast Highway to the heart of Los Angeles. A.
Stella's creators hope their cars will one day enter mass production and become a common sight on the road. The 1. 5-
Thousands of watts of solar panels on the top of the car for about £ 2,600 ($4,260)
For production, power the lithium ion battery of the car.
At the back of the car, the panels can be lifted up to reveal the boots, and according to takepart, other novel things include the steering wheel that will inflate when the user is driving too fast, when they are driving too slowly, they will sign the contract.
Weight 855lbs (390kg)and is 15ft (4. 6 metres)
Long, and the body is made of carbon fiber.
Its aerodynamic shape also helps to increase mileage.
But the car is less than 4ft (1. 2 metres)
Very high, so it's a bit crowded to get in.
Stella can even communicate with other cars.
In one example, it passes traffic information to the nearby Tesla Model S.
It also extends to traffic lights.
The tablet screen inside the car will tell the driver how long it will take for the lights in front to turn red or green.
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