solar power traffic signals coming up | allahabad news - times of india - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
solar power traffic signals coming up | allahabad news - times of india  -  solar traffic light system
Allahabad: After Maha Kumbh, as an official of the Allahabad Municipal Company, the city's 22 intersections will be refreshed (AMC)
Has decided to use the solar traffic signal system with the help of Delhi
Public-based companies
Private Partnership (PPP )model.
As part of its 2012 pilot project, solar panels, signal lights and other equipment were installed at four major intersections, including the Subhash crossing and the Rana Pratap crossing, however, the kum project cannot be carried out.
AMC has decided to focus on the project again and start as early as possible.
Solar once panels and other equipment are available-
The Municipal Commissioner of Vikram Singh told TOI that the power signals would also be installed at other major crossing points in the city.
Last year, solar-
Start the electric traffic signal system-
It was wise that AMC refused.
Proof of objection (NOC)to a Delhi-based firm.
Given the success of Solar traffic signals in Agra and barreilly, the traffic police authorities have been coordinating with the AMC authorities to bring them to the city.
The Indra Pal Singh traffic inspector told TOI that solar panel rooms were already available at the main crossing, hoping that the lights would start working within three months.
Solar traffic lights with photovoltaic cells.
The solar panel located at the top of the pole converts sunlight into electric energy.
The solar charger adjusts the voltage of the solar panel.
The regulated power obtained is used to charge the battery.
Lighting by a series of extra bright LEDs (
Much brighter than a normal bulb.
LEDs are often used for many years and are very energy efficient.
LEDs are small in size but can produce a lot of light.
According to the project, the traffic lights that have been closed have been removed and a new system will be installed at the main crossing point.
The officials also sought public cooperation in this regard.
S. L. Yadav legal counsel for AMC said, "The project will help to save energy and ensure smooth driving of vehicles as solar energy will be used at traffic lights.
Although the cost of an electric traffic light is between 4 and 5 rupees, the cost of solar signals is around 8 rupees.
Solar energy is an effective alternative energy source, as long as enough energy is stored.
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