solar power ?to get a lot bigger? - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-18
solar power ?to get a lot bigger?  -  solar energy traffic lights
On Saturday, the sun set in a maverick Park, and 5,000 San Antonio people attending the solar Festival won 83-
Solar power is of great significance in this city, and the degree of this fact proves.
This may be one of the reasons why many in the solar community in Texas think San Antonio is the next big market.
The executive director of Solar San Antonio, who organized the event, said: "recently, solar panel energy in San Antonio has increased significantly . ".
"A poll in June 20 showed 36 CPS
Solar panel system in the city.
The same poll showed 90 systems in April 1.
Things will get bigger.
At the festival, 75 companies and non-profit organizations set up tents and booths to introduce participants to all aspects of solar power generation.
The supplier spoke about panel installation, building evaluation for renovation of solar systems, and information on sustainable building options.
The tenth annual solar Festival is the most popular ever, attracting about 1,000 people and a dozen suppliers, Mr. Sinkin said.
One of the suppliers, CPS Energy, was identified by the executive director of Central Texas-
Balcony chapter of AmericaS.
The Green Building Council serves as a driving force for the upcoming solar boom in San Antonio.
The utility offers a $3 rebate per watt for energy produced by the solar system, and CPS energy hopes the project will make solar energy more affordable.
Such deals, combined with federal aid and federal programs, plus a lot of sunshine in Texas, make most Texas cities the ideal candidate for solar energy, Sinkin said.
Companies and non-profit organizations in Austin and other parts of the state are now entering the San Antonio market to provide products or services for solar energy.
One such company on the festival is Austin's solar community, which gathers neighbors who are interested in solar energy and receives group discounts when installing.
However, there is more interest in products and services for individuals.
"I want to get out of the grid and be completely independent," he said . ".
"But right now, these vendors offer a lot of rest in knowing that you can really do more than last year to mitigate our environmental damage and ensure our future.
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