solar power signal for city's traffic light | allahabad news - times of india - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
solar power signal for city\'s traffic light | allahabad news - times of india  -  solar traffic light system
Allahabad: as an official of the traffic police department and the Allahabad Municipal company, up to 22 intersections in Sangan city will be refreshed (AMC)
With the help of Delhi
The company decided to install a solar signal system in public
Private partnership model.
As part of the pilot project, officials first installed the technology at the Maharana Pratap crossing in the city and will gradually adopt it at other crossings.
"The work of the solar traffic signal light system has begun --
Like AMC handing over NOC to Delhi.
The purpose of the company, which is based, is, "said Udai Shankar Javal, director of traffic police, during a conversation with TOI on Monday.
"These solar traffic lights will be installed at 22 important intersections," he added.
Jaiswal also said that the solar traffic signal system has been very successful in cities such as Agra and barreilly.
In terms of the work of the solar running lights, the original lights of the solar traffic lights are equipped with the latest technology and use photovoltaic cells.
The solar panel located at the top of the pole converts sunlight into electric energy.
The solar charger adjusts the voltage of the solar panel.
The regulated power obtained is used to charge the battery.
Lighting by a series of extra bright LEDs (
Brighter than the bulb.
LEDs are often used for many years and are very energy efficient.
LEDs are small in size, but they can produce a lot of light.
If solar lighting is developing very fast, it is mainly due to LED technology.
According to the project, officials of the company have removed abandoned traffic lights and will install new systems.
The officials also sought public cooperation in this regard.
SL Yadav, AMC official responsible for the implementation of the project, said, "The project will save energy and ensure smooth driving of vehicles as solar energy will be used for traffic lights.
Yadav said, "although the cost of an electric traffic light is between 4 and 5 rupees, the cost of solar signals is about 8 rupees.
If enough energy is stored, solar energy is an effective alternative energy source.
He also noted that measures are being taken to ensure that these solar traffic lights do not stop working at night.
Meanwhile, Yadav said, Delhi-
S. -based companies bear all the costs of installing solar signal lights, for which they are licensed to install advertising boards.
Targeted use of traffic lights to control vehicles and passengers, so that traffic is smooth, drivers and passengers are safe.
Although the traffic lights are relatively simple and common, it is crucial to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers.
The use of more and more traffic lights proves their effectiveness in directing traffic and reducing accidents. Recently, when used with computer-driven systems, they play a role in controlling traffic flows through big cities.
In the current scene, traffic lights are an important feature of traffic control.
It not only provides an effective means of traffic flow control, but also greatly improves the safety of drivers on the road.
Traffic lights improve road safety and reduce congestion by providing orderly and predictable movement of traffic through intersections.
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