solar on all new homes could help meet sa’s environmental challenges - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-18
solar on all new homes could help meet sa’s environmental challenges  -  solar energy traffic lights
When you look at the roof, you will see a protective shelter for a family or business, of course, but will you also see the opportunity I missed?
In a world facing so many environmental challenges
From polluting air and water that threaten the health of our communities to rapidly changing climate --
Our infrastructure must be part of the solution.
We need to move towards a future powered by clean and renewable energy, and lighting up our roofs with sunny energy will play a key role in this transition.
With the development and change of San Antonio, we need to build intelligence and work to provide generally effective power to every household with clean energy.
Installing solar panels in all new homes is a great start.
After all, the best time to install solar panels is when the workers are already on the roof.
Last year, California became the first state in the country to implement solar panel policies.
This policy, which came into effect in 2020, is part of the national building code reform, which aims to reduce energy use in new buildings by 50%.
A recent report released by the Center for Environmental Texas Research and Policy found that implementing policies similar to those in California, Texas would increase solar capacity in Texas
It doubled by 2045 and also reduced carbon emissions.
The extensive open dialogue on the San Antonio climate action and adaptation program makes it clear that residents of San Antonio know that we need to take action on climate issues.
The way we produce and consume energy now is harmful to us now, and it threatens our future.
From more frequent and extreme heat waves to more dangerous floods and larger and more frequent storms, the Fourth National Climate Assessment depicts a terrible picture, if we continue to rely on dirty energy, what will the future look like in the Great Plains of the South.
The sun shines on our country every day, and we have enough potential to power our lives with clean renewable energy.
In fact, a 2016 study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found that if panels are installed on each suitable roof, roof solar alone can provide up to 39% of the electricity.
Solar energy is more efficient and economical than ever before.
At 2019, we no longer need to burn coal and gas to keep our lights on.
San Antonio should make every effort to adopt as much solar energy as possible.
One step that the city can take now is to update the building code, requiring solar panels to be installed in all new homes.
The implementation of the solar home policy will reduce the global-
Greenhouse gas emissions
At the same time, it will help make solar technology cheaper and create opportunities for more solar installations.
Rooftop solar panels save homeowners money in the long run
This is especially true when the installation is part of the initial construction.
Although California has advanced its solar housing policy at the state level, other states have yet to follow suit.
Without statewide policy in Texas, San Antonio has the opportunity to move forward as a solar leader.
Including Lancaster, California, some cities across the country have implemented solar policies for new buildings.
South Miami, Florida.
Water Park, quality.
In Texas, San Antonio's leadership in clean energy has set a record.
The city is ahead of the country in terms of solar installed capacity and can do better in the face of climate change.
It's time to start building a brighter future and installing solar panels in all new homes is a great way.
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