solar lights to ward off tigers at sundernbans' villages - solar led garden light

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-30
solar lights to ward off tigers at sundernbans\' villages  -  solar led garden light
Calcutta: Following mosquito nets and firecrackers, this is another new attempt to prevent tigers from straying into Sunderland villages. -solar lights. WWF-
India has launched the project. -
"Stripe Lamp"-
Solar energy lamps are installed at the edge of villages on the edge of the Tiger Reserve.
Since 2009, the company has been working on the project, installing 78 lights at a cost of 19 rupees. 5 lakh (
Fifty-eight of them are carbon monoxide. -funded by WWF-
Australia and Airlines).
This is the first time that the company has used public funding to raise 660,000 rupees for 20 community solar lamps. WWF-
Anurag Danda, head of India's climate adaptation project, told the Times of India that their goal was to cover the Sandbens Tiger Reserve in all 46 vulnerable marginal villages.
"Lighting has proved to be an effective deterrent.
"It's reported that no tiger has been found in the solar installations," Danda said.
Between 1986 and 2009, 279 tigers were reported in marginal villages.
With the Sandbank Tiger able to swim long distances at a speed of 16 km/h, 50-
The 150-metre stream that separates the village from the Bagna forest is no barrier to large cats.
Labyrinth is the highest in narrow rivers.
For example, in the Kamalakhali River, the village of Samsernagar in Hingalganj is only 15 metres from Arbesi.
This is one of the villages most affected by tigers.
Sources said that where the lights were installed, the lost road stopped.
"I am a victim of humanity," said Shakila Bibi of Kalitala village, one of the project's beneficiaries. -Animal conflict.
My husband was killed by a crocodile while patrolling the forest department.
Combined sunlight(
Street and home lights)
I got in touch in 2009.
Since then, the number of lost places has decreased.
However, tigers quickly adapt and move upstream or downstream, Entering Villages from places where there is no light.
"This led to the realization that the entire coastline must be illuminated by a series of lights.
Because these lights are usually on embankments, they can also be used as community street lights, "Danda said.
Hundreds of lights, WWF-
India is counting on public funding.
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