- solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-18
  -  solar energy traffic lights
Thanks to solar power, a company in Rockaway Beach will be more prepared for bad weather events.
Staff at New York day lighting are installing so-called Solatube lighting at Deli 101 on Rockaway Beach Avenue.
The Tube captures the sun and then reflects into the building as a light source rather than electricity.
This is an initiative by NYC, a New York City Economic Development Company, to find resilient technologies to help Sandy-
Affected businesses are ready for future storms.
"When we have another activity like super storm Sandy or heat wave, these activities have just destroyed the grid that businesses have prepared for these activities," Laura R. , vice president of sustainable development at NYCEDC ·
"As long as the sun shines outside, these lights will always be there," said isidbonbonatonna, owner of Deli 101 . ".
Learn more about the New York Rise projectNYC. com.
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