solar energy to light villages | patna news - times of india - all in one solar street light price

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-07
solar energy to light villages | patna news - times of india  -  all in one solar street light price
Pattner: The Renewable Energy Development Agency of Bihar has put forward a rupee. 08-
Croll Plan for Villages Lighting Near the Indian Islands-
Nepal borders the same region.
This proposal has been submitted to the State Council in accordance with the development plan for border areas.
Villages located in inaccessible terrain will be illuminated by solar energy.
Breda has made a plan to have five solar streets in each village. -
Light and 25 Household Solar Residences-light systems.
Burdar has been assigned tasks to illuminate 68 villages in 13 blocks in the districts of Stamarhi, East Champaran and Kishanganj.
The blocks selected for this purpose include Raxaul, Aadapur, Bankatwa, Chhauradano and Ghorashan in the East Champaran area.
Parihar, Sursand, Majorganj, Bairgania and Sonbarsa blocks were identified in the Stamarhi area.
Thakurganj, Didhalbaik and Tedhagach blocks have been identified in the Kishanganj area.
According to the plan, 25 villages in East Champaran, near the Indian Islands-
The Nepalese border has been selected and 625 solar household lighting systems will be installed at 12,000 rupees each.
Another 125 solar street lighting systems will be installed at Rs. 27,000 per unit.
By the way, there are seven districts in the whole state bordering Nepal.
The total cost of lighting in these villages is about 80 million rupees.
Sources from the Ministry of the Interior said there was a need to provide lighting for these villages so that security forces could patrol them better.
They emphasized that these villages and their adjacent areas proved to be ideal places to hide smuggled goods, drugs and guns at night. The Indo-
Nepal's border is considered sensitive because Naxalites have increased as the army cracks down on Maoism.
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