solar energy surges as hurricane-struck states rush to install - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-10
solar energy surges as hurricane-struck states rush to install  -  solar energy traffic lights
Residents in Hurricanes-
A major solar comparison website told Reverse that the affected areas were busy researching renewable energy sources.
EnergySage enabled consumers to compare the prices of multiple suppliers, and reported that consumer interest in energy in Texas, Louisiana and Florida had risen sharply in the wake of recent hurricanes.
"Our website traffic from these States has increased dramatically," said Vikram Aggarwal, CEO of EnergySage.
"We thought these people would be disrupted and dizzy, and traffic would actually slow down.
"This growth is part of a growing interest in solar energy, as communities are seeking to rebuild after a series of hurricanes in the past few months.
Outside the mainland, companies are starting to install solar energy in Puerto Rico, while advocates point out that the resilience of solar equipment in Turkey and the Caicos Islands shows that solar energy can help.
EnergySage, which has more than a million consumers a year from 35 states, compares data from three markets: Texas, Louisiana and Florida.
Over the past two months, these three countries have been hit by several hurricanes, Harvey in August hit Texas and Louisiana, Irving in September hit Florida, and Knight this month hit Louisiana.
On August 26, 2017, rainwater from Hurricane Harvey hit downtown Houston, Texas.
The results were shocking.
In the past two months, Florida's on-site traffic has increased 57% over the previous two months, while Louisiana's has increased 16%.
4% in the same period.
In the meantime, the number of registrations (allowing users to compare offers) increased by 64% from Florida and 57% from Louisiana.
"We've talked to some people in these areas and they realize that the grid needs some help," Aggarwal said.
"Our grid is old and pivotal. -and-
The spoke structure may be time to consider more distributed generation and storage.
"Part of the site has received special attention.
An article entitled "Can solar panels withstand hail and hurricanes? "
"Traffic volume has increased substantially, with the total number of tourists increasing by 1230%.
By state, Louisiana grew by 925% and Texas by 692%.
However, Florida's visits increased by 2935%, which is incredible.
On April 16, 2009, Kindrell Hutchinson cleaned a solar panel system at Leveda Brown Environmental Park and Transit Station in Gainesville, Florida.
One of the main benefits of solar energy is its dispersion method.
On sunny days, batteries can store solar energy and provide electricity to local areas that are less dependent on giant grids.
After the hurricane, the non-profit Rocky Mountains Institute claimed that solar installations on the Turks and Caicos Islands would work even if the power company claimed that more than 1,200 poles had collapsed.
"Many solar companies are taking this opportunity to create a sensation for solar energy and storage solutions," Agarwal said.
"The industry is a bit opportunistic, but their customers are now willing to listen.
"The company recognizes this and takes action, especially in Puerto Rico.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Governor Ricardo Rossello talked about using the company's technology to develop "flagship projects" and restore electricity: I'd love to talk to them.
I hope Tesla can help.
CNBC reported Monday that solar companies such as Vivint Solar and Sunrun are expected to bring in $2 million worth of supplies in the coming weeks.
Some people worry about the consequences of the boom.
Kate Aronov, a writer in The Times, pointed out-
The Puerto Rican Electricity Authority, which owns it, may find itself grateful for the new force, as agreed between the government and suppliers.
"At present, although privatization may change this situation, Prepa has a similar task: serving the public as a listed company," Aronov said.
"If its business is split up and sold-
Overview as a proposal-
Different prepregs(
Or a utility formerly known as Prepa)
They can be held accountable to different shareholders.
"On September 21, 2017, after Hurricane Maria landed in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the streets of Guam's suburbs were flooded.
However, not only do solar companies want to make quick profits, they are beginning to notice that.
A crowdsourcing organization, which illuminated Puerto Rico, was founded a few days after the storm.
The two Puerto Ricans behind the project, Jorge and Marilu Alvarado, are working with TIFI humanitarian charities to bring $700,000 worth of supplies to the project by the end of the week.
After the hurricane, people need solutions.
Increased pressure-scale switch.
"Local and state leaders need to push Sunshine State to get more juice from its namesake," said journalist Andy Reid at the Sun Sentinel in Florida.
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