solar energy revolution hits barrier: air pollution - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-16
solar energy revolution hits barrier: air pollution  -  solar energy traffic lights
Solar energy is facing a difficult problem: global air pollution.
Researchers at Duke University found air pollution
Especially air particles that accumulate on solar cells.
In some parts of the world, solar production is falling by more than 25%, causing billions of dollars in losses.
The study was published this week in the journal Environmental Science and Technology Letters.
The hardest-hit areas happen to be the ones currently investing the most in solar infrastructure: China, India and the Arabian Peninsula, the researchers said.
On the roof of the Indian Institute of Technology stands a dusty solar panel.
Michael Bergin, a researcher at Duke University and Chinmay Ghoroi at Indian Institute of Technology
Gandhinagar, as shown in the figure, looked more closely at the cumulative effects of dust on the efficiency of global solar panels in a new study.
After visiting India, Duke University professor Michael Burkin began exploring the link between air pollution and the efficiency of solar panels.
More Oregon Republicans are missing from climate change, and the governor sent police to find that millions of people in one of India's largest cities are running out of water. Spy satellites show that glaciers have lost land due to climate change in Siberian cities looking for more food in climate change, "Bergin said in a statement: "My colleagues in India are showing some of their rooftop solar installations and I was shocked by how dirty the panels are. ".
Working with Indian Institute of Technology researchers
Gandhinagar and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have confirmed that solar panels are getting dirty and inefficient over time.
Maintenance is key: the panel he checked showed that the efficiency improved by 50% after several weeks of cleaning.
Cleaning solar panels is a bit complicated, and cleaning solar panels incorrectly can damage expensive structures.
Analysis of the Expert Group of the Indian Institute of Technology
Bergin Gandhinagar found that they were covered with about 92% of dust and 8% of carbon and ion contaminants, particles from human contamination.
The researchers say this 8% is particularly dangerous because of particles from humans --
Manufacturing pollution is very effective in blocking light.
In polluting the environment, environmental particles in the surrounding air also block the sun and reduce the efficiency of solar panels.
U. S.
According to their observations in India, 18 photos of the cities with the worst air pollution infer that researchers estimate that arid areas such as the Arabian Peninsula, Northern India and eastern China will definitely face significant solar efficiency
Solar panels in these areas face a loss of efficiency between 17 and 35% depending on their maintenance.
"We have always known that these contaminants are not good for human health and climate change, but now we have shown their adverse effects on solar energy," Bergin said . ".
"This is another reason why global decision makers take emission control.
"As China's growing solar infrastructure conflicts with toxic air pollution, it will lose tens of billions of dollars a year," the researchers said.
Beijing pollution-through a lens, 14 dark photos show that China has become a major player in renewable energy in recent years, surpassing the United StatesS.
As a global leader in renewable energy.
This momentum stems from the extreme environment: China, by far the world's largest consumer of coal, has long struggled to control the toxic smog that hangs over urban areas.
Smog in China has often led to the closure of airports, schools and roads, forcing locals to stay indoors, otherwise causing serious respiratory damage.
Despite President Trump's decision to withdraw from the deal, China is committed to signing a landmark Paris agreement to cut emissions.
After the United States. S.
China has signed an independent
A binding agreement with California to expand renewable energy trade between the two economies.
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