solar a tough sell, but working - solar energy traffic lights

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solar a tough sell, but working  -  solar energy traffic lights
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The price of electricity in Manitoba is the lowest in the world.
This, like our north latitude, may be one of the most difficult markets for solar suppliers in the world.
Justin Phillips and Alex Stewart know that when they set up Sycamore Energy in Winnipeg in 2009, there are challenges in selling their solar solutions.
But because of the contribution of solar energy in addressing climate change, energy security and universal access to electricity, they are committed to being part of the industry.
Sycamore recently partnered with NRG Energy. the $15. 9-billion U. S.
Energy giant, Canada's distributor of solar street lights, solar mobile devices
Charging stations.
Recently, it installed the first one in Canada, located in the middle of the country, at the intersection of the Red and Assiniboine rivers in Fox.
"We are very happy with these products because it allows us to sell something in Canada," Phillips said . ".
These devices are made up of three 20-
It takes only 4 hours of daylight to charge the station's Watt-panel.
Up to six electronic mobile devices can be charged at a time.
Phillips says they will do the job as quickly as a traditional wall socket.
Fox is an ideal place for Sycamore demo Street charges.
Fox has started a green initiative called "Target Zero" with the goal of reducing Fox's carbon emissions to as close to zero as possible.
"We are working to reduce the impact on the planet, which is an innovation that brings us closer," said Fox CEO Paul Jordan . ".
"People are always looking for places to plug in the device, and now they can plug in the device while using solar energy.
NRG is the largest independent power producer in the United States. S.
Power generation capacity of 47,000 MW.
Last year, the company acquired target Zero, a small company that produces portable solar and charging products, including street charging.
The equipment proved their value in the days after Hurricane Sandy, when many parts of New York City were out of power for a few days.
AT&T can provide Wi-
But many people can't charge their devices to access the Internet.
As a result, some street toll stations have been installed in New York, which has been hit.
Kise Zettel, a spokesman for NRG in Houston, said that although the company has huge power generation capacity (
Including thermal power generation and nuclear power generation)
Its company-
The question of responsibility, including how it is left to future generations.
It is also one of the larger solar generators in the United States. S.
"Not only do we want to strategically distribute these solar chargers in the US
But worldwide, "said Zettel.
"Sycamore is very aligned with the vision of our company.
So they are our good partners.
"Phillips is no stranger to the challenge of convincing Canadian customers to use alternative energy.
In the past, he also worked in the wind power industry.
But he can easily admit that electricity costs about seven cents per kilowatt hour. kWh)
Most users in Manitoba need about 15 years to cover the cost of solar installation.
In Jamaica, Sycamore has recently completed the installation at a resort with a electricity bill of up to 65 cents per kilowatt hour. Jane Kidd-
Hatscher, spokesman for Manitoba Hydro, said there is not a lot of solar power in the province, but utilities will pay market prices for excess solar power.
But even Phillips does not expect much of this to happen soon.
At the same time, he hopes that the street charging units will catch up.
So far, there are only 100 such countries in the world.
Sycamore, which owns the distribution rights of units across Canada, has sold several of them to Downtown Business Improvement in London, Ontario.
This will rise next week.
Phillips thinks they are ideal in high school.
Bus stop and high
Traffic pedestrian area.
"The possibilities are endless," he said . "
"But it would be great to charge quickly while waiting for the bus --
A few minutes home.
"These units are priced at $13,000, but the design creates the possibility for corporate information or commercial advertising, which can bring in up to $1,000 a month. martin. cash@freepress. mb.
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