slaves to the corporate fascist system. - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-15
slaves to the corporate fascist system.  -  solar energy traffic lights
The system is called corporate fascist.
It covers all areas of the economy.
Under this system, private companies have established monopolies in five important areas. 1. Roads2. Electricity3. Water supply4.
Food production 5. Retail.
Once a small number of companies control these areas of society, it doesn't matter which party is elected to power, because control over these five most important areas is no longer in the hands of the tax paying public, but in the hands of a small group of very wealthy individuals.
Therefore, the public not only pays taxes to the government, but also pays high fees for services that government departments have used taxpayer money to provide. 1. Roads.
All of our major highways are now toll roads owned by private companies.
Not only did we pay the government a fuel fee that was recently raised to 28 C per liter for the construction and maintenance of our roads, but we also paid a high toll.
These tolls should be paid for the initial construction and ongoing maintenance of the highway.
However, the amount of tolls paid by drivers in South Africa over a period of time resulted in 10% being used for road maintenance and nearly 90% being used for private company pockets.
In fact, we not only pay taxes on roads in the form of fuel taxes, but also pay taxes to individuals who have not provided services to the South African public, but they have cheated the South African people out of the hard-earned money.
Not only that, but, the electronic charge proposed by Johannesberg is a disaster for the development of all small businesses, because the cost of such electronic charges will have an impact, as profits are eaten, they will soon go bankrupt by toll.
As a result, we have destroyed a strong middle class, the engine driving any strong economy. We are. . . . . .
They make money slaves, we don't get any benefit from the money we "invest" in our own country, because the benefit is for private companies and individuals.
Here's an example: see the full article here: Boss Nazir Alli signed a series of deals that seem to favor the "old boys" network --
Special Recommendation for bosses Willie Pinar and N3 charging consortium MD Neil Tomi-
Low price bids from new entrants are ignored;
The Tolplan is controlled by Pienaar, who first conducted a "policy study" of proposed fees in 1982 ".
However, by conducting a feasibility study on toll roads, the Tolplan ruled on the tender, and finally scored the work on the same highway, making a profit;
Tollep fired director Lennox matasaya this month for accusing them of "facing" the bees.
Although Matshaya claims that the Tolplan earned billions of dollars from Sanral, the company won't say how much it earned --
Even went to court to stop Matshaya from speaking to the media.
When asked how much Sanral paid, Alli told The Sunday Times: "It has nothing to do with you ";
Of the three deals reached between 2009 and 2011
N 1 north of limbo, n 1 south of haoden and Free State, n 2 north of KwaZuluNatal -
Road user payment R186-
Millions more than they should, because Sanral insists on using subcontractors that have business ties with Pienaar, Tollink.
Although many people complain that the toll link electronic system that records the charge traffic is prone to collapse and data loss;
On 1998, after the tender adjudicator Tolplan "modified" its score on one element to support the consortium, the N3 charging consortium from Johannesburg to Durban was awarded, after a handwritten comment on the bid evaluation of the then Sanral manager tormi.
He later resigned as CEO of the N3TC.
The tender documents confirm that Schabir Shaik's company, Nkobi Holdings, was 3% shareholder of the N3TC at the time of the bid.
Tolimi said that he had "no basis" for claiming that he had any misconduct ";
R2 was collected by Sanral and N3TC. 2-
In 2009 and 2010 alone, tolls on the N3 highway amounted to billions of dollars, but the consortium insisted on keeping its financial secrets;
Electronic charges (ETC)
Most companies-
Gauteng tolls owned by Austrian company Kapsch won the bid for the r9 to operate. 9-
In 2008, there were 18% black rights.
However, it is estimated that ETC will earn more, and its shares in BEE have shrunk to 5 shares.
8% since mossmashishi's Matemeku has sold most of its shares to Kapsch;
The driver will pay at least R71-
In the next 24 years, haoden's toll will reach one billion, while operators like ETC will receive at least R18-
There are billions of dollars in this.
Solution: legislation is required to stipulate that all bids for road and highway construction shall not extend or include private company ownership of toll stations, and that South African drivers pay at toll stations each time, all the Money "invested" in our road system is dedicated to upgrading and improving all of our transportation systems, not the pockets of private companies and individuals. 2.
South Africa used to be one of the cheapest countries in the world.
This is very beneficial to our economy and to the development of small businesses.
Eskom has seriously failed the country in recent years.
The rise in electricity costs has led to an increase in the cost of all goods and services, and again is completely detrimental to small businesses that strive to earn enough turnover and pay costs.
Again, we saw similar results to the toll roads.
The powerful middle class has reduced the damage to the country's economy, and only big companies can survive.
To make matters worse, the proposed nuclear power plant will cost a billion dollars in taxes.
This will put the country in debt, make it a debt-driven society, and the billions of dollars that taxpayers pay will never be able to pay, just because the interest charged on the loan will always be greater than the amount paid off.
It's a Ponzi scheme that puts taxpayers in permanent debt and has to pay rising electricity bills. We are. . . . . .
They make money slaves, we don't get any benefit from the money we "invest" in our own national solutions: individually, we can free ourselves from the grid and go
In the next election, make sure that the parties we voted for set up solar power stations in their plans.
Germany has recently started using solar energy, which is now enough to replace 22 nuclear power plants.
Solar energy is cheaper, safer and cleaner than nuclear energy or coal.
This will reduce the cost of taxpayers and promote the development of small businesses. 3. Water supply.
This has not been introduced yet. . . . . . . . yet.
But you can be sure it's in progress.
The privatization of the water sector is owned by another company.
Again, we can look forward to paying more and more for our water, and a large part of our "investment" in our country will not be used to improve the water system, but it will fall into the hands of private companies and individuals.
Between toll roads, the cost of water and electricity is rising. . . . . .
They make money to the slaves, and the money we "invest" in our own country doesn't get any benefit.
Solution: we can separate out of the grid because each of us has technology independent of water.
The Ecoloblue type atmospheric water generator running on solar energy is equivalent to the geyser in your home or even refrigerator.
Clean, fresh, pollution-free water, no one will become rich because of your most basic needs.
Factories that produce these generators will help create jobs and build a whole new industry in the country. see: 4.
Food production to obtain a seed patent through genetic modification must be the most evil company to take over all of these seeds.
In addition to the tests performed on mice resulting in an increase in cancer and infertility, patents from any food source have led to food slavery for companies that have a seed patent and therefore have ownership of the seed.
The farmer can no longer remove the seeds from his produce and replant them in the next season, as they are "owned" by the company.
This is especially tragic in the case of crop failure.
In the past, crop failure was not a complete disaster because farmers had seed reserves of previous production and could be replanted.
With the patent application of the seed, if the farmer has a crop failure, he has to go and buy more seeds, which in many cases, as seen in India, leads to the complete bankruptcy of the farmer, many of them committed suicide.
70% of South Africa's corn is now genetically modified.
This means that our basic food is now owned and controlled by a company.
GM foods also include soybeans, potatoes and rice.
To make this more complicated, these companies have also created Terminator seeds.
In the past, for example, if you bought potatoes, you could plant some of them and plant them again.
Today, many potatoes are Terminator potatoes and cannot be planted.
They will not spread.
The ultimate goal of these companies is to eliminate farmers and replace them with controlled company farming, which will hand over all food production to a small group of companies and individuals.
They want to achieve the situation that it is illegal and criminal for anyone to produce their own food and for us. . . . . .
Their slaves who make money make them rich, and we become poorer and poorer.
Solution: support all efforts worldwide to label all GM products.
This way you will know which products are not bought.
Support organic produce, support small farmers, store non-GMO seeds and, where possible, return to the old-fashioned way where everyone has a vegetable field in the garden.
It's fun that you can feed yourself because you basically need to eat and you don't have to make others rich. 5. Retail.
When I grew up, there were vegetable shops, meat shops, bakers, hardware shops, cafes around the corner. . . . .
Most of these businesses are owned by families.
Then the concept of supermarket.
The competition here is very fierce. There are Pick n Pay, Checkers, OK baza, Spa.
The clothing store has gone through the same process.
Clothing stores and suits quickly became Edgars, Truworths, etc.
It is still healthy.
Competition will control prices, increase variety and selection, and most importantly, people still know your name and say hello!
However, take a closer look around.
As the years go by, these independent companies are slowly but surely swallowed up by a big company giant.
Wal-Mart is a good example.
You can't see the difference between a shopping mall and the next one.
They are all the same, they all have the same thing.
When the animal swallowed up every small business in front of us, we were swallowed up and turned into a consumer robot with little choice and little competition between price and service.
Just like how we actually turn into sheep, check out the new check-out record.
You don't even choose these.
Instead, you are slaughtered between bars in a document like a cow, and when a number appears, you are told, in order to sacrifice your hard earned money to the god of the company, where do you need to go!
Solution: support small businesses as much as possible.
You know, by doing so, you're actually "investing" in the health and welfare of your own economy, instead of some corporate giants sucking every profit into some offshore bank accounts, it will not return to the South African economy as it should.
South African products are also purchased.
Black cat peanut butter skin free of skip!
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