six easy wins to make your garden greener - solar street light design

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-01
six easy wins to make your garden greener  -  solar street light design
Choose plants with less water-
Even in the hottest weeks, hunger can keep the garden prosperous.
For the focus of the terrace, the small palm can cause a sensation, the most difficult of which is fan palm or red palm, followed by tobe palm or Australian corduroy, with green "Cape Verde" to magenta "pink passion" stripes.
In flower beds, plants with silver leaves can survive long periods of drought - Artemisia argyi "Boyce Castle", various lavenders, Perovsky's "Blue Spike" and fleshy green. -
Grey Jingtian is the best.
For walls and obelisks, choose hard-as-old-
Horn boots like Campsis-
Orange-shaped flowers, also known as golden flowers, have beautiful butter strings. -green flowers.
Rainwater's acid-base balance is perfect for plants -- neither too acidic nor too alkaline -- and they prefer it to tap water.
Collect rainwater around the garden and connect it to the drainage ditch as much as possible to replenish it when it rains.
If the independent cigarette ends are open to collect rainwater, cover the top with a screen to prevent leaves and insects from falling in.
In hot weather, the ash water after washing is recycled. -
Pour the bowl and bathtub upside down and suck the water into the bucket and bucket.
Spring, covering your bed with compost or leaf mold, can provide nutrients to plants, help the soil retain moisture, as the season goes on - coat two layers. -to three-
Wear a layer on your bed.
Some areas of your garden may be difficult to mow, from ponds and grassy paths to parking lots.
For this type of maintenance, a cordless, eco-friendly battery-
Electric strikes are ideal for getting you to an embarrassing place without smoke or heavy petrol appliances.
Husqvarna series lithium-ion battery-
Electric hitters start at 225 pounds, a set of tools including rechargeable batteries and chargers.
To do this, you get a 33 cm cut width, no engine noise or direct emissions, and a strike, charging within an hour.
Simple operation and friendly environment are effective supplements to sustainable garden tool shed.
Although it's nice to see brightly colored bedding plants and annual plants rolling out of patio pots, it's easy to make established boundaries, flower beds and large pots more sustainable because they grow annual plants and corms and return every year for a brilliant summer show.
The flower-scented Lily in the pottery pot looks very beautiful, providing a high and delicious fragrance for your outdoor living area - Lily is a traditional, tall form, which is very difficult to beat.
For flower beds, the best and the longest-
The cold-tolerant perennial plants, including Oriental poppy, sage, stipa, geranium, anemone, Helenium and sunflower, blossom until early autumn.
Outdoor solar lighting is advancing by leaps and bounds, providing a variety of product options for gardens and terraces.
From Amazon to shopping malls and garden centers, you'll find everything from decorative lanterns to ropes. -
Processing vases and fairy lanterns for more practical path lights and fixed wall lamps.
Solar lamps are placed in direct sunlight to achieve optimal performance, enjoy bright, mild nights, and save energy costs.
In early summer, grass skips and skips, mowing every four to five days. -top lawn.
Depending on the size of your garden, that means spending 15 pounds a week on fuel for a gasoline lawn mower.
As the world's first automatic mower, Husqvarna Autompower was introduced in 1995, with high energy. -
More efficient: use the equivalent power of the light bulb when mowing grass.
Although automotive power costs more in the early stages, it costs less to run, with an average annual power supply of only 15 pounds, and you don't have to go to the gas station to fill up your energy.
Because it's almost silent, it won't disturb the neighbors any more.
Keeping the lawn healthy is an arduous task.
Husqvarna Automower is more than just a lawn mower. It's a robot that works for you - unsupervised, day and night.
Autopower mows lawns day and night to deal with gardens of all sizes.
Most importantly, it was made in Britain.
The price starts at 1000 pounds.
Visit Husqvarna to find the nearest Husqvarna dealer. com.
For more information about Husqvarna Automower, visit Husqvarna.
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