seven planet solar system discovered - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-13
seven planet solar system discovered  -  solar traffic light system
Scientists may have discovered one of the most crowded planetary systems to date.
The seventh planet was found on the dwarf KIC 11442793 orbit, about 2,500 light years from Earth.
But in this system, all planets have orbits much closer than the planets in our solar system to their stars.
The planet was discovered with the help of volunteers using the planet hunter website, which allows enthusiasts to search public data from NASA's Kepler telescope
Known as exoplanets-the world around distant stars.
Kepler uses transit to search for planets, including scanning the universe to find a drop in light when a planet passes past its host star.
Dr. Chris Lintott of Oxford University
The author of the Planet Hunter said, "This is the first seven
Kepler's planetary system uses lingri search. We think (
Identification)is very secure.
With the transit system, once you get multiple planets, the chances of them being falsely reported are very small.
"The new planet is the fifth farthest from the system's main star 2.
8 times the size of the Earth, in just 125 days around the sun.
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