salem to have 30 automated traffic signals with power backup - solar powered traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
salem to have 30 automated traffic signals with power backup  -  solar powered traffic lights
Automatic traffic lights are powered by traditional electricity-
During the blackout, the city police will soon have 30 automatic traffic lights installed with uninterrupted power or solar lights in all parts of the city.
A private company has applied to the district government for permission to install lights and billboards in 30 urban areas.
The collector has forwarded the application to the company for issuance. -
Proof of objection.
The automatic traffic signals with UPS facilities will appear at the intersection of Thiruvakavundaur, AVR Roundtana, Steel Works Road, Meyyanur-ARRS Theatre Road, Redipatti, Kurangchavadi, Five Road, Mamangam, Third Road, New Road, Fairlands Police Station, Cherry Road Train Gate, Mulvadi Gate, Tiruvaluvars, Rama. Krishna Road, Collectorate, Sundar Lodge, Hasthampatti Roundtana and Corporation Central Office Junction.
The company has issued a provisional number. -
After the objection stipulates the following conditions.
The company shall obtain permission from the Indian Transportation Authority, the National Highway Administration, the National Highway Administration and other government departments to install billboards and not occupy road space.
In addition, it is suggested that the structural design and pillar size of the signal lamp should be submitted to the company for approval. Advertising boards should not violate any laws, carry bad materials or interfere with traffic flow.
The cost of installing advertising materials shall be borne by the company and the license period shall be three years.
Maintenance signals and electricity charges are borne by the company. If necessary, the company has the right to cancel the National Olympic Committee.
Electricity support officials say that because traffic personnel are under tremendous pressure during blackouts, providing spare facilities for signals will help manage vehicles.
At present, there are 36 automatic traffic signals, only 5 of which have standby power supply.
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