retailers are exasperated -- and empathetic -- over number of homeless streaming to sylmar strip mall - solar lights

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retailers are exasperated -- and empathetic -- over number of homeless streaming to sylmar strip mall  -  solar lights
Flower store owner Bonnie Bernard found him sitting behind the garbage bin in the Sylma shopping mall, wearing a hoodie in the middle. -
July's heat and gaze at cinder-block wall. He was new.
Will he be a terrible man?
"How long have you been here? " she asked.
He took off his hood and revealed a greasy black mane and an ungrateful smile.
"One week," he said.
His name is Angel.
Angel said he lost his construction job in North Hollywood and had to leave home.
He couldn't explain how he and his wife Cecilia came to the Gladstone Mall in the northern San Fernando Valley.
It's often the way those uninvited people go forever. -
Growing numbers-
A long line of businesses north of Expressway 210.
They come from somewhere, find a place full of things for their shopping cart, and settle down.
On that day, her shop was in a bad business. Flowers 4-
So Bernard took the time to carry out a mission: advocating for and supporting her campaign for armed guards.
She told Angel, "Soon the landlord will send a guard here and he'll let you go. "
"What are you going to do then? "
Bernard wanted Angel to go, but she didn't want him to be hurt.
It was a conflict between her and other businessmen in the center: she was shocked by the dirty and lawless occupation of the homeless, but she felt sympathy and even intimacy for some long-term people.
Bernard knows them, their life stories and personalities, just as she has the second batch of customers for more than 23 years.
And Jacob, a teenager, always asked if anyone had seen his mother and he was homeless.
And Max, the terrible fellow with the bullfighter.
And Tatiana of Russia, a social director for others.
Some unknown people, such as the man whose leg had been bitten by Max's bulldog, had never been seen again.
Richard, an old man-
Time is also in Bernard's mind.
She said he had checked himself in nearby Oliver. -
Visiting UCLA Medical Center, back on the street, she was worried that he was dead because he wanted to be alone with his dog.
At every stop in the chaotic shopping mall, she would ask, "Have you ever seen Richard?
":: Gladstone Center is a small part of Silma's homeless landscape. It is a semi-rural community with a population of 90,000. It was once famous for its vast olive garden.
Silma is only a small part of Los Angeles. A.
Its prominent suburban services are weak, and residents and enterprises mainly rely on themselves to adapt to the growing interference of life.
Statistics from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority in 2015 found that 472 people lived on the streets of Silma.
Residents and entrepreneurs say that figure represents a significant increase over the past two years.
The spread of homeless people in cities-
It is well known that the concentration of slums in downtown areas in places like Silma is an inherently contradictory public and private activity that integrates humanitarianism and self. -
Interesting motives.
Several churches operate food banks.
The Los Angeles Police Department's "temporary" car patrols the area to learn about the homeless and to work with residents and business owners to address health and safety issues.
The services provided by outreach consultants in homeless institutions are often rejected.
Homeless people form their own societies, dividing into groups, monitoring the turf, some disappearing during the day, others sitting and fiddling, or just looking at the past.
One of them even died in front of the junk store in the shopping mall.
"They help each other," Bernard said.
"They also steal from each other.
":: Bernard's first stop, at the fresh and comfortable anchorage at the eastern end of the shopping mall, manager Lupe Verazquez said she caught Max and Tatiana having sex in the bathroom.
She suspected that there was also a drug trade there.
Her repairman found a bag of things in the fallen air-conditioning pipe.
She said she did not get much support from Frank Mushmel, the center's owner.
"Basically he just told us to call the police," she said.
They drove them away.
The police are right here.
But it doesn't matter. They'll come back.
"Let me ask you," Bernard asked Villazquez before he left.
"Over the fence is Richard's territory, isn't it?
"Yes, it's still there," Verazquez said. "Really?
I thought he was dead.
":: On the west side of the center, Sergio Satodo, the 99-cent shopkeeper, told Bernard that he had a relaxing relationship with a group of homeless people who lived under a lonely tree in the alley behind the store.
Every night he fills up his shopping cart. -of-
Date of eating packaged food.
He placed it next to a locked iron cage that had been the target of a night raid.
They break the lock and get rotten produce.
Charleston reported the plan to his regional manager. He said he could not approve it because the company had a non-donation policy.
But he opened one eye and closed the other.
He said, "They are all satisfied. "
However, the truce agreement did not manage aggressive gold seekers as effectively as the man with two horns on his head.
"Some of them are violent," he said.
We asked them to leave.
We are cursed. It gets ugly.
Bernard asked Richard.
"I met Richard about two weeks ago," he said. "So he's alive. Good.
": I feel sorry for those who should have a place to live. . .
But at the same time I'm worried because I don't know how they will react.
The only faucet in the sun-
Bake the Southern Loading Terminal near the back door of the radio room.
It had no handles, and its brass was polished by the hands of the homeless who had learned how to open it.
Catherine Villasco, 26-year-
Old shopkeeper, you can hear it from the door.
She won't go out.
"I feel sorry for those who should have a place to live," she said.
"But at the same time I'm worried because I don't know how they will react.
I'm sure they just want to eat and bathe.
But you're not sure.
Her staff urged her to call the police.
"I don't have the courage to do that," Bellasco said.
"I really hope someone can help them.
But at the same time, I don't want to open the door and find a aggressive person.
":: Bernard's turn is over in the parking lot behind the shopping mall. Where are you going? " -
It's a recycling center.
It's just beer. -scented lean-
With cash register and several large padlocks--
Give the homeless a magnet.
Manager David Calderon said they brought plastic bags or aluminium bags, took prizes ranging from $7 to $10 and left.
Once they broke the padlock, stole a bag of cans and took it to another recycling center for sale.
Recycling centers are also magnets for news.
Lissett Reynaga works in a junk store with her mother Silvia, who is with Calderon.
She told Bernard the latest news about Jacob.
"Jacob has a bicycle, he has a girlfriend, he has a dog," Renaga said.
"Do you know who Richard is? Bernard asked.
"He's under the tree," Renaga said. "Is he alive?
"Of course, he has his little garden.
I saw him yesterday morning.
Bernard couldn't help laughing.
"I thought he died because he had been sent to Olivevier.
"Now he's all right," Renaga said.
"He quit drinking a year ago.
But he lost his Chihuahua.
"He left the puppy outside Danny's house.
He went to the bathroom.
Bernard went to the edge of the parking lot, where she found a shady niche with a garden, a rug on the ground, and a leaning niche. -to and a couch. A slender, sun-
The thirsty figure, with a kind of gray impact-
Golden hair wrapped in a large handkerchief sat on the sofa.
Richard is at home.
He greeted the guests with a smile and proudly displayed the word "Zhi" which he had painted on wax paper. -
Zagman, who supplies vegetables from his garden, boasts about his solar lights.
"The ones I bought on the ninety-ninth-
Branches are piece by piece. " he said.
"Tomato plants look good when ignited at night.
"He said he had lived there for three years, but he didn't think it was permanent.
"I plan to take off next year," he said.
"I'm taking three horses to all parts of the United States.
":: Two weeks after Bernard visited her business partner, her boss, Mushmel, hired a security specialist from a private security company.
With the rapid response of regular patrols and armed private security, shopping malls have adopted zero. -
Tolerance status.
A tattoo man in dirty jeans sat in front of the "Fresh and Easy" and CPL.
Security expert Johnny Cardosa was summoned.
Within minutes, he warned the man and sent him on his way.
The relaxation around the shopping mall is obvious.
Only 99 cents a store manager said he didn't need to leave a food truck every night to prevent homeless people from breaking into his garbage bin to collect rubbish.
"They're gone," he said.
Angel and Cecilia did not walk easily.
They moved their belongings to the sidewalk on Glaston Street and refused to leave.
They were warned and then arrested by the protection authorities.
They did not attend the trial, so they and Jacob were arrested again.
Jacob returned, but no one saw the angel or Sicilia.
Richard was not awakened, but he had disappeared.
His brother Tracy is taking his place now.
Tracy said Richard was in Las Vegas.
But he didn't say why.
"I don't talk to newspapers," he said. doug. smith@latimes.
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Black Death-and-
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