railway budget: big plans to modernise train services - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-15
railway budget: big plans to modernise train services  -  solar energy traffic lights
It is expected that the railway budget will focus on large-scale capacity construction in the railway sector, with an increase of about Rs 1. 25 lakh crore.
Sources in the railway department said a large amount of money will be used to upgrade, electrified, and modernize the shipyard to eliminate traffic bottlenecks.
However, Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu will have to rely mainly on external budget resources (EBR)
In order to carry out the capacity enhancement project, he will detail his resource mobilization plan in the 2016 railway budget17.
Total budget support (GBS)
It is unlikely that the Ministry of Finance will meet the expectations of the railway sector and the funding for the project will come mainly from EBR.
"The railway will only carry out economically viable projects.
"These projects are not financially viable, but are economically and socially desirable and will be carried out through joint ventures with the state government," the source said . ".
Prabhu has written to the Chief Ministers of 18 states asking them to carry out railway projects through the route of the joint venture company.
Six states, such as Maharashtra, Odisha, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and chatitisgarang, have signed a memorandum of understanding with the railway to set up a joint venture.
While new trains cannot be announced for the second year in a row, plans for high-end trains
Plans to publish high-speed parcel trains in the budget.
In the face of declining revenue, the railway will serve many special trains with higher fares, which is an indirect way to increase fares.
The railway made 136,079 rupees. 26 crore (Rs 1. 36 trillion)
Target RS 141,416. 05 crore (Rs 1. 41 trillion)
A decrease of 3. 77 per cent.
In the suburbs, the railway budget will announce the introduction of AC suburban trains in Mumbai, which will also be replicated in other regions.
Fares for AC suburban services will be higher than regular local trains.
Prabhu will detail how the railway works together to keep the stations and trains clean and environment
On February 25, he delivered his second budget speech in Parliament.
All 400 stations planned to develop with private participation may be declared "green Radio" with several environments
The plan includes friendly measures such as the generation of solar energy, the recovery of water, the conversion of waste into energy and the use of LED lights.
Prabhu will announce some plans for passenger transport facilities and freight operations for rail users and industries.
The railway budget will highlight the use of technology to improve services, including catering services for passengers, as Prabhu is keen to improve the quality of food at railway sites.
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