projects under smart cities mission mostly in old city areas - integrated solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-06
projects under smart cities mission mostly in old city areas  -  integrated solar led street light
Coimbatore is implementing more than 40 projects at a price of more than 1. 1 billion euros under the Central Government's Smart City Mission.
However, almost 60 out of 100 wards in the city have implemented all these projects, while 40 in the additional area are in urgent need of basic facilities.
Whether it's a drinking water supply project of 24x7, a lake development project of more than 500 million or a demonstration Road Development project, all of these are concentrated in the core urban areas - 60 districts.
The company has been criticized for almost excluding additional areas.
"The company will nicely rename Coimbatore Smart City as Coimbatore Smart Old City," quipped K, the consumer Minister of Coimbatore. Kathirmathiyon.
The company is implementing an all-weather drinking water supply project in the old urban area. (60 wards)
When the residents of new areas can only get one water in 10-15 days.
He said the company should ensure fair distribution of available water to all residents, rather than doing so, and only focus on improving water distribution in parts of the city, which is a form of discrimination.
The same is true of Lake development projects.
"This project is purely decorative nature, aiming to improve the optical effect of the city.
This should be a backseat, because companies should give priority to providing basic amenities, such as underground drainage systems and storm drainage systems, to increase areas, "he said.
Two types of companies are implementing smart city mission projects, which are divided into two categories - "pan-city" projects, covering the whole city and "regional development", which address the needs of specific regions.
Citizen groups have begun to change. -
The pan-City LED streetlights, which are about 7 billion rupees, are also available in only 60 wards.
In the "regional development" part, it undertook the lake development project, covering 22 out of 100 wards in the city.
These 22 wards are also part of the old urban area.
Most of the other projects with smaller budgets, such as park development, micro-composting centres, underground drainage systems or hockey fields in the remaining areas of the Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, are also concentrated in the old urban areas.
A city planning expert, who declined to be named, said the company must have considered implementing projects or projects in 40 wards it calls "additional areas", which would benefit all urban residents, such as developing the planned roads mentioned in various detailed development plans.
This will help to disintegrate the city.
However, company officials disagree.
Considering the Smart City Mission Project as an old city and a new area is not suitable for the development of Smart City Mobile Applications, the establishment of integrated command and control centers or two 1 MW solar parks, because it will help the whole city.
Even Lake development projects do.
Although these lakes may be in old urban areas, they are good for the whole city.
When developed as a place of entertainment, it will be open to all residents, including those from additional areas.
To develop infrastructure in new areas, AMRUT companies are improving water supply by about 400 million rupees and providing underground drainage systems.
Officials point out that, in fact, underground drainage works have begun in Kurithi and Kuniamuthur.
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