problems set back kenmore makeover - solar street light design

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problems set back kenmore makeover  -  solar street light design
A long-
Kenmore Square was scheduled to be completed in 2004, but due to delays and problems, the transformation of the square has been plagued.
With prices rising from $23 million to $32 million, the company's expected completion date was postponed to the end of 2008.
For the first time, the public saw this remarkable cantilever glass bus shelter plan, which will become the center of the project in 2001.
But Jersey's barriers and chains-
There are still fences around the scene.
Nine steel beams stick out of the earth like the carcasses of animals in myth.
"Will they finish it?
"Brighton's Donna McDonald asked who had the number.
Every six weeks 57 buses pass through Kenmore Square to the barber's.
"It seems to last forever.
Officials from the Massachusetts Bay Traffic Authority said: "Design problems, the complexity of utility routes and the difficulty of working around crowds crowded with Kenmore T stations during the baseball playoffs mean that the project takes much longer. "
Lydia Rivera, a spokeswoman for MBTA, said: "Like any project we have encountered, we have also experienced delays. "
"This is not unusual for a project of this size.
"On the street opposite the Commonwealth Hotel Station, Principal and Acting General Manager Terence Ginny resigned and waited quietly.
"Time is relative," he said.
"We waited 86 years to win the World Series.
I hope it won't take another 90 years.
"In 1998, MBTA and the city first started discussing the cosmetic treatment of Kenmore Square, the intersection of the city's busiest streets and the entrance to Boston University and Fenway Park. The old 1960s-
The Times Brick Bus Pavilion in the center of the square will be demolished and replaced by a ventilated garage in the park. -
Similar to space for pedestrians and people with disabilities.
Kenmore T Station will be renovated, equipped with new elevators and escalators, and improved access for the disabled.
When the square is completed, there will be new trees, broad brick sidewalks and old buildings. -
Old-fashioned street lights like those found in the back bay and lighthouse hills.
Planners hope that these changes will change an area where most people can simply pass, as new businesses have opened along Commonwealth Avenue in the past few years.
"Old Feelings-
Boston's style seems to stop at Charles Gate, "said Beth Walsh of Kenmore Community and Economic Development.
"We think it will be a good way to pull through and make Kenmore a destination again.
"MBTA officials initially planned to start construction as early as 2002 and were quoted in news reports that the project was expected to be completed in 2004.
However, design changes and delays in obtaining the required permits and queuing financing delayed the start date.
The project was tendered at the end of 2004 and implemented in early 2005.
At that time, officials said they would complete the project earlier this year, but the new extension delayed the completion date by at least one year.
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